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Video: Conor McGregor mocks Henry Cejudo loss at UFC 288, Cejudo responds

Conor McGregor has little sympathy for Henry Cejudo.

Cejudo, a former two-division champion and Olympic gold medalist, returned from a three-year retirement at UFC 288 on Saturday where he fell just short of capturing UFC gold again as he fell by split division to bantamweight king Aljamain Sterling in the main event.

Immediately following the verdict, a number of fighters weighed in on the tense five-round battle, including McGregor. In classic social media troll mode, McGregor praised Sterling while also taking several shots at Cejudo in a since-deleted tweet.

@TheNotoriousMMA, Twitter

Easiest money I’ve ever made. Not a scratch on Aljo! Congrats Funkmaster! Good little fighter is Henry but give it a rest with these agendas all the time. The guy is sub 20 fights in his career. His little feints an all ahaha omg please teach me mastermind lol. Done the splits like a stripper and got dumped on his ass he did hahaha oh lord it’s tasty.

McGregor followed up those insults with a video (also later deleted) mocking Cejudo’s performance and offering some tongue-in-cheek coaching advice.

Watch that clip below (h/t @XcellentMMA).

Cejudo responded to McGregor’s comments at the evening’s post-fight press conference.

“Conor McGregor don’t got s*** on my résumé, that’s all I’ve got to say,” Cejudo said. “He’s been stopped after a three-year layoff. What I was able to do and compete and hearing the boos from the crowd after they announced the winner, that says a lot to me. But there’s still levels and I still know that I can get better too.

“It’s OK. Bring the hate, maybe it will motivate me. I’m not one of these guys—Yeah, I’m a little pissed because I hate losing, but I love it. I love it. So thank you, Conor.”

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