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Video: Peter Danesoe, Sang Hoon Yoo steal show with spectacular flying knee knockouts at Road to UFC

Peter Danesoe and Sim Kai Xiong at a Road to UFC event in Shanghai, China, on May 28, 2023
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Peter Danesoe and Sang Hoon Yoo might not be part of the ongoing Road to UFC tournaments, but if they keep this up they’ll have Dana White calling them soon enough.

At Sunday’s Road to UFC events in Shanghai, China, Danesoe and Sang Hoon Yoo stole the show by opening up their respective cards with highlight-reel, flying knee knockouts.

Watch the impressive finishes below.

Flyweights Danesoe (6-2) and Sim Kai Xiong (5-1) were the first to step into the cage for Episode 4 of Road to UFC, and it didn’t take long for the Thailand representative to hand Kai Xiong his first pro loss as he blasted him with a gorgeous flying knee to end the fight. The blow left Singapore’s Kai Xiong flat on the mat, with the official time of the stoppage being marked at 4:23 of Round 1.

Prior to that, South Korean welterweight Sang Hoon Yoo (8-2) kicked off Episode 3 with a jumping knee in the clinch that stunned Chris Hoffman (9-2) and left the Filipino fighter unable to defend against a flurry of follow-up strikes on the ground. Referee Thomas Fan stepped in for the save 3:10 into the final round.

This year, the Road to UFC includes flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, and lightweight tournaments. Danesoe and Hoon Yoo’s wins both came in non-tournament bouts.

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