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Mackenzie Dern vs. Angela Hill full fight video highlights

UFC Fight Night: Dern v Hill Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Watch Mackenzie Dern vs. Angela Hill full fight video highlights from the main event of UFC Vegas 73, courtesy of the UFC and other outlets.

UFC Fight Night: Dern vs. Hill took place May 20 at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. Decorated jiu-jitsu champion Mackenzie Dern (13-3) took on longtime veteran Angela Hill (15-13) in the night’s main event, which aired live on ESPN+.

Catch the video highlights below.

For more on Dern vs. Hill, check out the live blog by MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1: Both women are out in orthodox. Dern comes out swinging HAMMERS to start. She just chucks some big hooks right out of the gate. That gets Hill backing up some and there’s an early clinch now.

Hill turns Dern into the fence but Dern is fighting for position. Neither woman breaking this. Turns and knees both ways. Hill getting the better of things so far and Hill finally breaks way. But Dern goes right back to swinging and TAGS Hill! Hill eats it but clinches up and Dern throws her with a hip toss! Hill holds on a rolls through though and she winds up on top and then stands up.

Crazy pace here!

Back on the feet, and Dern tags Hill again! She’s got Hill backing up and she drops against the fence and Dern pounces on top! She’s moving into mount but Hill trying to use the fence to push over and stand up. Dern smothers it and now she’s in top-half, and looking for an arm-triangle. Hill sees it and is taking steps to fight it off and Dern starts consolidating and instead moving to mount.

Hill shows good work to fight it off, Dern stands and no moves to attack a knee bar. She’s in reverse mount and hooking the leg but Hill locking it down now, so Dern moves around to side control, and then quickly to mount. LEVELS.

From mount, Dern is bringing BIG SHOTS!! Hill covering up and moving. This isn’t the Dern we’ve gotten used to and now she spins to an armbar. 10 seconds! Hill holding on for dear life and makes it to the final horn!!!!


MMA Fighting scores the round 10-8 Dern.

Round 2: Dern comes out for round to and on the attack immediately. Hill meeting her in the center and lands a good left hand. Dern has no concern for the shots from Hill though, she’s charging in recklessly. And she may be slowing. The punches are certainly getting wilder.

Dern over-swings and Hill grabs a rear waist-lock. She’s holding Dern along the fence and Dern may be catching a breather here. Hill holding the position, popping a few knees in and wearing on Dern. Dern trying to turn into her. but Hill is attacking a choke. She doesn’t have position, but giving Dern something to think about.

Dern finally turns in and Hill maintains the clinch with double unders, popping in knees. Dern tries to step across for a toss but Hill shuts that nonsense down. Hill looking strong in the clinch here. Dern gets an arm free and elbows her way out.

In space, Dern swings power shots wildly. Hill evades most of them and grabs another clinch. She turns Dern to the cage and again peppers in with knees. And now a few punches. Hill staying strong in here and Dern is definitely showing some fatigue in there. If this becomes a cardio contest, Dern may be in trouble.

After over a minute, Dern elbows out. And charging in but Hill lands a stepping elbow that gets Dern’s attention. She charges in for a takedown but Hill stuffs it and we end the round in a clinch.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Hill, 19-18 Dern overall.

Round 3: More measured start to the third. Dern leads with a kick that Hill catches. Another one that Hill counters this time and Dern falls to her back and Hill comes into the guard.

BAD DECISION!!!! Dern immediately gets a triangle thrown on. It’s not locked in, but Hill is in the triangle and in serious jeopardy. Dern moves for an armbar and Hill gets the hell out of there and up to her feet.

Hill ducks stepping in and a knee from Dern WOBBLES HILL!!!! FLUSH TO THE CHIN! Hill is in trouble and Dern grabs and falls into guard. Hill defending and now we roll up into a takedown. Dern is in on the hips and against the fence. Hill trying to fend her off but Dern drags her down and moves right into mount!!!

Hill is probably still hurt from that big knee and now Dern is in mount and going to work. Hill turning and instead Dern starts punching!! Hill trying to kick off the fence to scramble but Dern smothers it. Hill rolls to turtle and Dern lets some lefts go into her temple.

Hill moving again but Dern is staying with her and landing some really solid ground and pound. She moves back to mount and BIG SHOTS!!!! Hill kicks off the cage again and Dern has to adjust to smother. She does and Hill gives up her back. Shots from Dern. Hill rolls to her back but now her feet are not to the cage. BAD TIMES!!!!

Hill moving to her belly and Dern is ripping big punches into Hill. Hill covering and bucking . Elbows and punches from Dern and now she’ moves to an armbar!! 25 seconds and she’s almost got it!!!!! Hill holding on for dear life!!!! 10 seconds! Dern punches her a bunch and Hill survives!!!!!!! WOW!!!!

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-8 Dern, 29-26 Dern overall.

Round 4: Hill needs a finish by my reckoning. And her left eye is badly swollen. She’s wearing it right now.

Dern lands a mean left hand right out of the gate and she immediately moves into a clinch. Hill turns the position. Hill back to work in here. Knees and short shots, holding position.

A minute goes by here. 90 seconds. And Dern finally gets free.

In space, Hill trying to lead a jab out there but the power shots of Dern are overwhelming that and Hill looks very slow now. Few big leg kicks from Dern who is somehow the one pushing the pace and she gets Hill to the fence in a clinch.

Dern can’t get the takedown though and Hill reverses position. Dern repositions it. Hill fending off this takedown well though. 2 minutes remaining and we’ve spent most of this round in a bear hug.

Make that 90 seconds left. Dern keeps trying but not succeeding. Hill can’t break free. Herzog is letting them work. Hill finally spins her with 1 minute left but Dern then breaks free and they start exchanging wildly in the pocket! Dern gets the better of it but missed a spinning back fist, Hill grabs the back and Dern takes a diving roll! Hill holds on and has the back on the floor but Dern spins the position.

Hill is attacking an arm-triangle from the bottom but she doesn’t have the leverage. She’s squeezing until the end of the round though.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Dern, 39-35 Dern overall.

Round 5: In her corner, Hill tells her corner it’s hard to push Dern back because she’s just walking through shots. True enough, I guess.

Hill’s left eye is very swollen. And Dern tags her on it to start round five. Headlock clinch and Dern goes for a throw. Hill falls prey and Dern is able to end up on top. Hill gets full guard from the bottom though. And now we’re playing this game.

Impressed by Dern’s cardio. Looked like she was fading in Round 2, but she’s kept up a torrid pace through 21 minutes and is still going. Hill all defense from the bottom here. Hill briefly considers an armbar before rethinking it. Smart. you’re not catching Dern with that from here. But Dern is able to move to side control.

Now North-South, isolating an arm. Hill turns and Dern spins around to the back. Hill down again and just in safety turtle. Dern in side control and starts dropping some nasty short elbows. Hill defending two on one and Dern steps over to take the back.

She’s got back mount with Hill face down. Hill gets up to here knees and Dern just pounding her with right hands. Hill rolls over and Dern backpacking. Now Dern moves her over to mount. Hammerfists. Hill bellies down. Hill keeps moving and Dern is riding expertly and dropping MEAN elbows from mount. Hill defending and moving. Dern keeping the offense going. 10 seconds and Dern punches her way through the final bell.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-8 Dern, 49-43 Dern overall.

Mackenzie Dern def. Angela Hill by unanimous decision (49-43, 49-44, 49-44).

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