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Video: Fighter bites opponent’s ear to secure submission, gets disqualified in absurd scene

Octagon, YouTube

Thiago Oliveira borrowed a page out of the Mike Tyson playbook this past Saturday in a welterweight contest against Erkin Darmenov at Octagon 44 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The offending sequence began late in the first round when Oliveira dropped Darmenov against the fence with what appeared to be an illegal knee to the groin, then took his back and worked toward a rear-naked choke. In a blatantly illegal move, Oliveira then bit down hard on Darmenov’s ear, prompting the Kazakh fighter to frantically signal to referee Dauranbek Zhakaev that something was amiss.

Undeterred, Oliveira finished off the choke from Darmenov’s back, then celebrated joyously with his team while an enraged Darmenov paced around the cage trying to alert officials to what had just occurred.

Moments later, after Oliveira appeared to repeatedly deny biting Darmenov’s ear, the Kazakh fighter aggressively confronted Oliveira and nearly set off an in-cage melee.

However, Oliveira’s glee was short-lived. After replay review clearly showed him biting Darmenov’s ear, Oliveira was disqualified and Darmenov was declared the rightful victor.

A furious Oliveira then stormed out of the cage before the official decision was read.

Video of the entire scene can be watched below, starting around the 4:15:12 mark.

With the disqualification, Oliveira (16-10) has now dropped six consecutive fights.

Darmenov (13-5), on the other hand, is a winner of five straight.

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