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KSI’s knockout of Joe Fournier overturned due to accidental elbow strike

Leigh Dawney, Misfits Boxing

KSI’s latest win has been stricken from the record.

The Professional Boxing Association announced Friday that KSI’s knockout victory over Joe Fournier in an exhibition bout this past Saturday at Misfits Boxing 7 has been overturned due to the finish being the result of an accidental forearm/elbow as opposed to a legal punch. The official decision is now a no-contest.

Misfits Boxing 7 took place at OVO Arena Wembley in London with the PBA overseeing the event.

See the PBA’s statement here:

“Even though KSI was winning the fight, the blow with the forearm/elbow has been found to be accidental and the obvious disappointment that will follow, it has been decided that the contest is declared a No Decision in accordance with the rules.”

Almost immediately after the fight ended, Fournier declared that he would be submitting an official appeal of the loss, calling the knockout verdict “disgusting.” Fournier formally submitted his complaint this past Monday. Multiple replay angles seemed to support Fournier’s claim as KSI clearly struck the influencer boxer with an elbow across the face after rocking him with a right hand.

KSI initially defended the finish, claiming that he felt a legal punch initially caused the damage and that the elbow landed on a follow-through, but later admitted he was “devastated” by the controversy surrounding the fight. He said that he is not interested in a rematch with Fournier.

Update: Fournier and KSI reacted to the decision below.

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