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Tyson Fury responds to Jon Jones with challenge for boxing match: ‘I’m the boss in this game’; Jones responds

Boxing in London - Tyson Fury v Derek Chisora Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

Tyson Fury has responded to Jon Jones’ challenge with one of his own — but on his terms.

On Thursday, Fury released a video blasting UFC color commentator Joe Rogan for suggesting that Jones would defeat Fury in a fight if both men were locked in a room together. Jones reacted with a response of his own where he challenged Fury to a fight inside the UFC’s octagon, and to call UFC President Dana White to make it happen.

Fury put out his own challenge to Jones via his Instagram, but not for a fight inside the octagon, but the boxing ring.

“I see Jon Jones has piped up,” Fury said. “Jon, you talk about being in a cage, I’m not a cage fighter, mate. I’m a boxer — the best boxer, actually.

“So if you want to come into a boxing ring and fight me, be my guest. Let me know. You don’t have to call anybody else, you call me because it’s a boxing fight and I’m the boss in this game.”

Jones is expected to defend his newly won UFC heavyweight title against former champ Stipe Miocic later on this year, while Fury is currently without a dance partner — although he has planted seeds for a potential boxing matchup with former UFC champion and recent PFL signee Francis Ngannou.

Fury left the ball in Jones’ court, so to speak, and gave one of the all-time MMA greats some praise for what he has done in his career, while also suggesting a boxing matchup with the WBC heavyweight champion would not go well.

“You’re a great fighter, Jon, but you’re no boxer, that’s for sure,” Fury said. “All the best, good luck.”

In response, Jones took to Twitter to fire back at Fury yet again while pointing out that the prolific heavyweight boxer changed his stance rather quickly when it came to the possibility of meeting him in a cage fight.

“Yesterday, Tyson says, ‘no man born from a mother can beat me’, today he says ‘Jon can never beat me in a boxing ring,’ Jones wrote on Twitter. “Yeah I’m glad we got that clarified.

“You just switched your beat up faster than Travis Barker, impressive.”

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