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Fighters react to Jon Jones vs. Tyson Fury drama: ‘Not even a debate’

MMA: MAR 04 UFC 285

A Jon Jones vs. Tyson Fury fantasy fight got fighters talking online after Joe Rogan’s podcast brought both fighters into a social media spat.

Predictably, MMA fighters picked Jones to win if there were more weapons in play than just fists. But Fury held the advantage if restricted to any type of boxing.

Also predictably, at least one fighter tried to leverage the drama for his own purposes, angling for a fight.

Fury got the MMA world talking when he called out UFC commentator Joe Rogan for picking Jones in a no-rules fight. The heavyweight boxing champ blasted Rogan and predicted he would come out ahead in any contest.

That prompted Jones to invite Fury to the UFC, unlikely as it would be for the boxing champ to do a deal with the MMA promotion.

Here’s what fighters had to say about the Jon Jones vs. Tyson Fury drama online.

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