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Cedric Doumbe explains why he didn’t fight for UFC, says PFL contract ‘10 times’ more than what UFC offered

Cédric Doumbé didn’t get to fight for the UFC, but it appears to have worked out much better for his bank account.

Doumbé, a multi-time GLORY Kickboxing champion, recently signed a deal to compete for the PFL. The 4-0 MMA fighter was slated to compete at the UFC’s first event in Paris this past September against Darian Weeks, but the bout never came to fruition, and Doumbé ultimately didn’t get his chance to fight inside the octagon. Doumbé gave more insight as to why when he appeared on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour.

“A doctor made a mistake in that test and [it said that] I have blood in my brain, and I used to do it like so many times when I fought — I had one boxing for it and I used to do it — I signed the paper to the UFC,” Doumbé said. “I didn’t even check, and they [responded] to us that I can’t fight because the MRI is bad. So that’s why I didn’t fight [at] UFC Paris, that was a very big mistake.”

Despite letting UFC representatives know that he was cleared to compete by “three different doctors,” the promotion ultimately parted ways with Doumbé.

Additionally, according to Doumbé, there is a rule within the Paris commission that states that a pro fighter with less than 10 fights can only share the cage with a competitor with near-equal MMA experience, which also led to the bout being cancelled.

“There is a law in France [that I can’t] fight an opponent — [since I have] under 10 fights — with five fights [more than I have],” Doumbé explained.

“That was crazy. I was in the audience in Paris. The arena was sold out, the French audience was crazy. I was very sad. I was watching [my] teammate [Cyril Gane], all of the French fighters, they were amazing and I was very, very sad, but I knew that my time would come [with] God’s plans. So I was sad, but it is what it is.

“I really have a better contract with PFL — PFL is the future and I’m very [happy] with my contract right now. I will show a great Cédric Doumbé for France, for Cameroon, for Africa in the PFL.”

Doumbé said he was also offered a deal by Bellator, but the numbers were not up to par.

“Le Meilleur” is now slated to make his PFL debut on June 23 at PFL 6 when he faces Jarrah Hussein Al-Silawi in Atlanta.

The 30-year-old knows he has to prove his worth, not just as a competitor due to his confident nature, but because of the PFL’s investment in him. When asked how much more lucrative his PFL contract is from a monetary standpoint compared to the UFC’s offer, Doumbé’s response was blunt.

“Ten times [bigger],” Doumbé said. “I’m very happy. I’m very glad now, but now it’s time to buck up. It’s time to win because I’ve talked, and talked, and talked.”

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