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KSI vs. Joe Fournier full fight video highlights

Watch KSI vs. Joe Fournier full fight video highlights from their Misfits Boxing 7 main event showdown Saturday night, courtesy of multiple outlets.

KSI vs. Fournier took place May 13 at the OVO Arena Wembley in London, England. KSI (1-0 as pro, 4-0 in exhibition) and Joe Fournier (9-0, 1 no-contest, 0-2 in exhibitions) squared off in the main event. The fight aired live on DAZN pay-per-view.

Catch all the video highlights below.

For more on KSI vs. Fournier, check out the live blog below.

Round 1: KSI starts this off with a jab to the body. Stabbing right by KSI lands. Another right hand from KSI just misses the mark. Fournier looks like he’s patiently waiting for an opening, but he gets clipped by another right. KSI tosses Fournier to the ground as he tries to clinch up. Fournier lands an awkward advancing left, but it counts. KSI with plenty of head movement as he keeps rifling in that right hand. Fournier relying on his jab to stay in this. Big whiff by KSI. Jab connects for Fournier.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, KSI.

Round 2: KSI sets the range with his jab. He pushes Fournier back with a right to the body. He misses big on a right though and Fournier makes him pay with a couple of counters. Sloppy jab by KSI and Fournier hits him with a counter right. Good body shot by KSI. KSI hurts Fournier with a right hand. A follow-up shot FLOORS Fournier. Ref starts a count, but Fournier ain’t getting back up. Yikes.

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