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Misfits Boxing 7 weigh-in results: KSI and Joe Fournier make weight, have to be separated after heated faceoff

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KSI and Joe Fournier
DAZN, YouTube

KSI and Joe Fournier have maintained a fierce rivalry all week and now they’re officially a day away from a resolution.

The influencer boxing stars successfully made weight Friday, with KSI coming in at 177.6 pounds and Fournier at 179.5 pounds for their fight that headlines Misfits Boxing 7 on Saturday in London.

After stepping on the scales, KSI and Fournier were locked into an intense faceoff, a continuation of the bad blood that was evident at Thursday’s chaotic press conference that saw KSI surprise Fournier with a shove.

Before facing off, both men were given the opportunity to offer some final pre-fight trash talk. Fournier simply stated that he planned to score a knockout victory in front of the popular YouTuber’s fans

“He’s afraid, trying to make a scene, but he’s going to get smacked up tomorrow in front of all his little fans,” Fournier said, later adding, “He’s getting put to sleep in front of his little fans. In front of 15,000 of his fans he’s going to be put to sleep.”

KSI followed with a more lengthy promo, vowing to add Fournier to his brief list of boxing conquests.

“Tomorrow, I’m going to show the world a different KSI,” he said. “Constantly evolving, constantly getting bigger. Stronger. Better. Joe Fournier cannot do anything to me. Joe Fournier cannot knock me out. It’s not going to happen. For me, I’m going to go over and take his soul and add another stone to my gauntlet. Add another Infinity Stone to my gauntlet and I’m going to knock him out and then move on to the next and the next and the next.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I can never be defeated. No one can ever defeat me. Whether it’s Tommy Fury, whether it’s Jake Paul, whether it’s this piece of s*** Joe Fournier, I will reign victorious every single time.”

Friday’s weigh-ins also saw Anthony Taylor break out into song as opponent Salt Papi did a freestyle dance, as well as a tense staredown between KSI’s brother Deji and Swarmz.

See more weigh-in highlights below.

Misfits Boxing 7: KSI vs. Fournier airs Saturday at 2 p.m. ET live from OVO Arena in London on DAZN pay-per-view.

See official weigh-in results below.

Main Card (DAZN PPV at 2 p.m. ET)

KSI (177.6) vs. Joe Fournier (179.5)

Deji (172.125) vs. Swarmz (170.7)

Salt Papi (179.7) vs. Anthony Taylor (182.5)

Tennessee Thresh (120.5) vs. Paigey Cakey (121.4)

ViruZz (178.7) vs. DK Money (179.9)

Lil Bellsy (120) vs. Lil Kymchii (120)

Preliminary Card

WingsOfRedemption (404.3) vs. Boogie2988 (391.6)

Corn (138.5) vs. Unbaer (122.4)

Luis Nestor (199.3) vs. Callum King (213.4)

Zuckles (170.85) vs. TBD

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