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Video: KSI shoves Joe Fournier, Instagram model Astrid Wett brawls in crowd at chaotic press conference

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KSI and Joe Fournier
@MisfitsBoxing, Twitter

KSI and Joe Fournier face off in boxing match this Saturday in London, but the entertainment has already started.

At a press conference to hype up the Misfits Boxing 7 event, KSI, Fournier and several of the influencers competing on the card spoke to the media before squaring up for faceoffs afterwards. Unsurprisingly, the main event matchup generated the most sparks as KSI and Fournier first went forehead-to-forehead, and then KSI sent Fournier off-balance with a surprise shove as they posed for photos.

Watch the physical staredown here.

The altercation capped off a truly chaotic press conference that went off the rails in minutes and never truly recovered. Influencer Lil Kymchii went on a profane rant before being held back by security as she attempted to make a run at Little Bellsy, Anthony Taylor pronounced himself the biggest name in influencer boxing ahead of his matchup with Salt Papi, and KSI threw stacks of money at Fournier to taunt his foe (Taylor was quick to scramble and gather any stray bills, shouting, “That’s free money!”).

Even Misfits Boxing stars not scheduled for Saturday’s card got in on the action as Instagram model Astrid Wett nearly stole the show when she interrupted the press conference to brawl with fellow influencer Alexia Grace.

Misfits Boxing 7: KSI vs. Fournier airs Saturday at 2 p.m. ET live from OVO Arena in London on DAZN pay-per-view.

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