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Video: Stephen Thompson, Kevin Holland continue friendly rivalry in new Jose Cuervo commercial

Kevin Holland and Stephen Thompson
@mma_squared, Twitter

Kevin Holland and Stephen Thompson just can’t quit each other.

The two welterweight frenemies star in a new ad for Jose Cuervo tequila, reuniting Holland and “Wonderboy” following their main-event matchup this past December at UFC Orlando.

Watch the commercial below.

In the ad, Holland and Thompson are shown continuing a mid-fight dialogue as they wrestle with one another along the fence and later on the ground. Holland asks if Thompson is coming to his afterparty following their fight, to which Thompson politely responds by asking Holland needs him to bring limes. Even the referee gets in on the fun, with Holland making sure that his invitation wasn’t lost in his spam folder.

By the end of the spot, both fighters are battered and bruised. Though Holland is shown getting the better of Thompson when the action sequence concludes, Thompson’s ego probably won’t be too hurt: When they actually fought in Orlando, it was Thompson who walked away with the victory via a corner stoppage at the end of Round 4.

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