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Gilbert Burns vs. Jorge Masvidal full fight video highlights

UFC 287: Burns v Masvidal Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Watch Gilbert Burns vs. Jorge Masvidal full fight video highlights from the co-main event of UFC 287, courtesy of the UFC and other outlets.

UFC 287: Pereira vs. Adesanya 2 took place April 8 at the Kaseya Center in Miami, Fla. Welterweight contenders Jorge Masvidal (35-17) and Gilbert Burns (22-5) collided the night’s co-main event, which aired live on ESPN+ pay-per-view.

Watch the video highlights below.

For more on Burns vs. Masvidal, check out the live blog by MMA Fighting’s Alexander K. Lee.

Round 1: We’re off and the fighters meet in the middle. Little output from either man through the first minute. Inside leg kick lands for Masvidal. Burns fires one to the body. “Let’s go Jorge” chant gets going. Teep to the body from Masvidal, he’s looking to fight from distance. Glancing right from Burns touches Masvidal’s chin.

Outside leg kick by Masvidal connects. Still not much going through the first half of Round 1. Quick combo from Masvidal ends with a hard leg kick. They both whiff on punches and Burns is almost able to create a grappling situation, but Masvidal is slick to get out of there. Good body kick by Burns. There’s a body kick on target for Masvidal. Burns sneaks a right hand in there. Masvidal advances with a jumping knee and scores with a hook to the side of Burns’ head. Burns lands another right hand. That right hand is doing some damage. Late takedown by Burns and some quick ground-and-pound from the Brazilian.

Good round for both guys, leaning towards the more impactful strikes of Burns.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Burns.

Round 2: They immediately trade punches. Burns much more aggressive, he fires in a right uppercut that hits Masvidal. Masvidal stumbles back, but that looked like a trip more than a knockdown. Either way, it creates an opening for Burns to shoot in deep and lift Masvidal up for a loud slam!

Masvidal defending with a closed guard. The crowd starts booing Burns, but he has no reason to take a risk on top right now. Burns content to sneak in punches and elbows with Masvidal not doing much on the bottom. He’s keeping a closed guard, maybe hoping for a reset? Burns not biting on anything as he crawls them over to the fence.

Masvidal tries to kick Burns off, but Burns’ grappling is so fundamentally sound, he’s giving Masvidal little room to breathe. Masvidal rolls and Burns is right there with him, not relinquishing a body lock. He drags Masvidal down again.

The fight ends up back on the feet with the competitors battling for position against the fence. They separate with 30 seconds to go. Masvidal takes a wild swing and Burns has it scouted. They trade right hands.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Burns. Overall, 20-18 Burns.

Round 3: High head kick from Burns almost catches Masvidal. Masvidal goes back to the low kicks. Jab from Burns, then another. Spin kick from Masvidal to the body. Burns getting a little wild with his punches as he closes the distance. He’s landing though. Overhand right from Burns rocks Masvidal. Burns headhunting now.

Masvidal looks like he’s recovered. He fires out a jab and lands a right down the middle. Big uppercut by Burns has Masvidal retreating again. Burns rifling in that right hand now. Masvidal scores with a right. Left hook for Burns is good, then another smacking right. Masvidal still firing back. Burns in deep with a body lock, but Masvidal gets his back to the cage and stays upright.

Masvidal hanging on but Burns powers him down. Burns in half guard and it doesn’t look like Masvidal is going anywhere with about 45 seconds left in the fight. Masvidal fights Burns’ hands, but Burns takes his back. Masvidal scrambles to his feet, but there’s no time left.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Burns. Overall, 30-27 Burns.

Gilbert Burns def. Jorge Masvidal via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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