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Video: Amber Leibrock flattens Martina Jindrova with head kick at PFL 2

Amber Leibrock gave Martina Jindrova a face full of foot on the PFL 2 prelims, landing a head-kick for the knockout at the 2:19 mark of the opening round.

The PFL featherweight bout had just gotten started when Leibrock’s lead leg got over Jindrova’s guard, sending the Czech fighter to the canvas. Hammerfists and punches were academic as referee Jason Herzog intervened in the third bout of the night.

Check out the finish below, courtesy of PFL.

It was Leibrock’s fourth straight win following a three-fight skid under the Bellator banner that left her a free agent. The finish also put Leibrock at the top of the women’s featherweight standings with six points going to her Season 5 total.

PFL vet Jindrova dropped her second straight bout and went to 2-2 in the tournament-based promotion after a pair of wins followed a successful Challenger Series bid.

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