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Raul Rosas Jr. rips haters and jealous fighters: ‘They should take some notes if they want to be on the PPV main card’

It’s well documented that Raul Rosas Jr. is only 18 years old with a single fight in the UFC, but he’s already trash-talking like a seasoned veteran.

Ahead of his fight against Christian Rodriguez at UFC 287, which kicks off the pay-per-view main card, Rosas responded to criticism he’s faced about receiving such a high-profile opportunity from the UFC while ranked fighters and veterans with vastly more experience aren’t getting the same consideration. In particular, Chris Curtis took exception, saying he was “salty as f***” that he got bumped down to the prelims “for a child.”

Rosas didn’t mention anybody’s name while firing back on Wednesday, but he certainly didn’t bite his tongue either.

“I don’t know who said that, but at the end of the day, they’re all just hating and they should take some notes if they want to be on the pay-per-view main card,” Rosas said at UFC 287 media day. “They should take some notes and learn some stuff from me.

“I got in the UFC and I’m already on the pay-per-view, not like other ranked fighters that are prelim fighters. I don’t want to say names.”

There’s no blueprint on becoming a superstar; if that was the case, the UFC would have a roster filled with fighters who draw huge numbers on pay-per-view each and every month.

Thanks to his young age, Rosas garnered a lot of attention following his win on the UFC’s Contender Series followed by his successful octagon debut three months later, but he refuses to believe luck or fortune played any part in the road he’s paved thus far.

Rosas knows he worked hard to get where he is, whether anybody wants to acknowledge that fact or not.

“I didn’t [expect it to happen this quickly], but I’m not surprised,” Rosas said. “Like I said, this spot on the pay-per-view wasn’t given, it was earned. I earned it through all my hard work and just everything I do.

“I think I’m a pay-per-view fighter and I’m a perfect fighter to open up this pay-per-view card, because not only am I fighter, I’m a showman, a performer, and I’m going to go out there and put on a show and get the people turned up for the rest of the card.”

Rosas is still getting acclimated to his new reality, but this has always been his plan — even if it’s happening a little sooner than expected.

“The only difference is the fame, like being more recognizable,” Rosas said. “But I’m still the same kid chasing my dreams. That’s pretty much it.

“Everything’s been exactly how I planned it. Exactly how I visualized it is just coming into reality, exactly how I did.”

Much like his last fight against Jay Perrin this past December, Rosas has heard similar statements from Rodriguez about their upcoming fight, especially in regards to his skill set and the perception that all of this may be too much, too soon.

None of that seems to matter much to Rosas, who had no problem vanquishing Perrin and is even more excited to do the same to Rodriguez.

“They can think whatever they want,” Rosas said. “Whatever gets their confidence higher, that’s better for me, because I saw Christian Rodriguez fight and I expect him to be 10 times better for this fight and still finish him the same way.

“There’s nothing that concerns me. He’s a good fighter but I’m just levels above, and I’m going to go out there and show it Saturday night. I think about this fight, this is a perfect fight, because if I’m not wrong, he’s a prospect too, and that’s exactly the fight I needed. So I can show that I’m levels above these prospects and I’m ready to fight in the top 15.”

Rosas added that ideally he would like to fight four times in 2023 because he’s not interested in wasting time as he stalks his goal to become UFC champion.

He’s not calling his shot just yet, but Rosas can already see a future where he’s knocking on the door to title contention sooner rather than later.

“I see myself winning this fight on Saturday night and winning at least another three this year, because I want to fight four times this year at least,” Rosas said.

“I wish it could be more, but at least four times. Maybe after this one and another two [fights], I can start fighting in the top 15.”

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