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Jorge Masvidal questions Colby Covington getting next title shot: ‘You can’t fight if you have a brain injury’

Jorge Masvidal still thinks he has a chance to earn a UFC title shot this weekend.

Last month, welterweight champion Leon Edwards solidified his hold on the 170-pound title by defeating Kamaru Usman in their rematch at UFC 286. Following the bout, Edwards suggested his next title defense could come against the winner of the UFC 287’s co-main event between Masvidal and Gilbert Burns, however UFC president Dana White shut down those ideas by declaring that Masvidal’s longtime rival Colby Covington is next in line.

Given the bad blood between the two, Masvidal is none too pleased about it.

“I currently have three felonies because this b**** Colby says I gave him a brain injury, so how the f*** is he going to fight for any title is what I want to know,” Masvidal said Wednesday at UFC 287 media day. “The UFC is going to get sued if that guy goes in there and something like that happens. Because supposedly, allegedly — because I didn’t do s*** — he says I gave him a brain injury. I didn’t do s*** to him.”

“That dude has a brain injury, like I said, so he’s claiming,” Masvidal continued. “I’ve got three felonies on my head because this guys is saying he’s got a brain injury. I’m pretty sure on the medical level, you can’t fight if you have a brain injury. Like always, this guys is full of s***. I’m no doctor or nothing, but whatever.”

Masvidal and Covington have a storied rivalry that took a particularly dark turn last year when Masvidal allegedly assaulted Covington outside a restaurant in Miami, just a few weeks after losing to him at UFC 272. Following the incident, Covington claimed to having suffered a brain injury from the alleged assault. Their trial is set for May 22 to resolve the matter.

But with Masvidal serving in the co-main event of the UFC’s first Miami card in 20 years, questions are abound as to whether Covington might make an appearance or further stir the pot with “Gamebred,” but Masvidal isn’t concerned.

“Of course, man. He’s an attention seeking-ass whore,” Masvidal said. “He’s going to be there. From 100 feet away with 20 security guards, he’s going to be saying all types of crazy s***, that he’s the king of this and that, but he’s only the king of calling cops and sucking c****.

“I don’t give a flying f*** [if Covington is at UFC 287]. All I know is that he has a restraining order on me. I have to stay 100 feet from this individual. I don’t even know why he would put such a thing on me because I’m, like, the coolest guy. So my mind is still blown on why he has a restraining order on me.”

Instead, Masvidal is strictly concerning himself with taking that which was promised to Covington: The next welterweight title shot.

Masvidal has his own long history with Edwards, and as one of the UFC’s biggest stars, “Gamebred” believes that with the right performance this weekend, he can make it happen.

“I never underestimate anybody that has two hands and two feet, but I also don’t stop thinking about that — after this fight, I’m going to England, I’m going to use that belt to beat it over Leon’s head, and then come back to this great country and defend that belt,” Masvidal said. “So it’s not something I don’t think of. It’s in the back of my mind, definitely, but first thing first is Gilbert. Eliminate him in impressive fashion and there will be talk of nobody else fighting for nothing else but me, you know?

“Last I checked, the UFC is a pay-per-view selling business. B****-ass Colby never broke 300,000 pay-per-views in his life except when he fought me. Leon’s not a pay-per-view draw. All of a sudden they’re just putting on events to put them on? I don’t think so. So as long as I do my job Saturday, everything else will fall into place.”

UFC 287 takes place this Saturday at the Kaseya Center in Miami.

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