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Mike Perry vs. Luke Rockhold full fight video highlights

Watch Mike Perry vs. Luke Rockhold full fight video highlights from their BKFC 41 main event showdown Saturday night, courtesy of multiple outlets.

Perry vs. Rockhold took place April 29 at the 1stBank Center in Bloomfield, Colo. Mike Perry (3-0) and Luke Rockhold (1-0) clashed in a light heavyweight contest. The fight aired live on FITE TV.

Catch all the video highlights below.

For more on Perry vs. Rockhold, check out our live blog below.

Round 1: Rockhold meets Perry coming in , and Perry remains on the chase. Rockhold playing tall, wrapping up Perry against the ropes. His straight left gets through on the break, and he’s hooking as Perry closes in. Perry just eats them and charges, landing to the body and one low. We pause as Dan Miragliotta notices the foul. Rockhold waves in Perry, who runs into a right and works against the ropes. Rockhold wrestles him and they tie up,drawing a separation. Perry gets caught with a straight left and wobbles, and Rockhold tries to rush in, getting caught in the clinch. Jab from Perry hurts Rockhold, and Perry flurries against the ropes. Rockhold eats a left straight and another. He closes in nonetheless and ends the round in pursuit.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Rockhold.

Round 2: Rockhold works the jab, and Perry chases him with hooks. More counters from Rockhold with hooks as he tries to use movement to defuse Perry’s aggression. He slips, and we reset. They trade hard lefts, and Perry digs to the body. Rockhold moving laterally, and Rockhold tries that left hook again. Perry beats the body against the ropes. It looks like Rockhold is beginning to flag, complaining about something in his mouth. Miragliotta checks him, and then waves off the fight. Jaw injury? It’s unclear.

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