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Song Yadong vs. Ricky Simon full fight video highlights

Song Yadong and Ricky Simon
Song Yadong and Ricky Simon clashed in the UFC Vegas 72 main event Saturday.
Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Watch Song Yadong vs. Ricky Simon full fight video highlights from their main event showdown Saturday night, courtesy of multiple outlets.

Song vs. Simon took place April 29 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nev. Song Yadong (20-7-1) and Ricky Simon (20-4) clashed in a key bantamweight contest. The fight aired live on ESPN+.

Catch all the video highlights below.

For more on Song vs. Simon, check out MMA Mania’s live blog below.

Round 1: Simon keeping his distance, switching stance. One minute in. Low kick from Simon. Lots of feints, no bits from Song. He shoots, denied. Hard low kick from Song, who falls short with a step-in knee. Simon tries a head kick, blocks a body kick two minutes in. Song catches a kick, can’t use it. 1-1-2 from Simon. Song tries a 1-2 and gets put on the fence with two minutes to go.

Jockeying for position. Good lead right by Simon after they separate. He’s the busier of the two so far, though he hasn’t really pulled away. One minute to go. Song tries a 3-2, stops a takedown, and lands a low kick. Another unsuccessful takedown from Simon, who avoids the subsequent flurry. Low kick from Song, then a wheel kick attempt that draws a smile. Close round. 10-9 Simon? Think he did a little more.

Round 2: Simon circling, Song slowly advancing. Low kick from Song. Stiff jab lands for Simon. A headbutt appears to hurt Simon’s eye and Song goes for the kill, only for Simon to take him down into side control a minute in. Quick standup from Song and they’re back at range. Simon looks to have his wits back, though Song’s advancing more confidently. Two minutes in. Overhand right from Song, low kick soon after. Teep to the midsection. Nice dipping left hook. Hard 2-3 with two minutes to go.

Song in full control as he advances. Simon trying to pump the jab, eats a body shot as he circles. Song swinging big without much coming back at him. One minute to go. Low kick lands for Song after a left hook misses. Body shot. Jabs from Simon. More stalking from Song, but Simon times a double-leg to land in half guard. He bombs away with hammerfists until the bell, when Song scrambles to his feet. 10-9 Song.

Round 3: Nice double-leg by Simon, but Song gets right back to his feet and returns to stalking. Hard 1-2. Song tries a body shot and it lands right on Simon’s cup, prompting a brief break in the action. One minute in. Switch head kick from Song and a low kick behind it. Simon’s just not doing enough. More low kicks by Song. Simon shoots, denied. Two minutes in. Simon combination falls short. Jabs from Song in return. Head kick and wheel kick fall short. Lead hook to the body, low kicks soon after. Two minutes to go.

Hard right hand from Song, his biggest shot in a while. Good combination work, including a straight left that knocks Simon back. Counter 2-3 with a minute to go. He fires a long combo, can’t find the mark. Right to the body. Song pulls back on a punch, but leads with his head in the process, resulting in a butt in the final seconds. 10-9 Song.

Round 4: Solid 1-2 from Simon to start. Song comes back with a leg kick. Simon low kick soon after. Simon looks like he’s trying to wake up a bit. Flying knee attempt met by a heavy combo from Song. Song knee just misses, a cross counter does not a minute in. Simon shoots, denied, keeps driving but just can’t finish it. Body kick lands for him. Two minutes in. Song tries a 3-2, then bangs the body. Right cross, two low kicks, right cross. Simon answers with a 2-1 but it’s still all Song on the feet. Fast counter right by Song with two minutes to go.

Low kick from Song. Simon catches a body kick, can’t use it. One minute to go. Both land decent power shots in quick succession. Cross counter by Song. Spinning back kick atempt, then a leg kick. Simon looks to pursue and gets melted by a cross counter in the final seconds; Song hesitates a moment before jumping on him, giving Simon time to tie him up. 10-9 Song.

Round 5: Another hard cross counter stings Simon about 30 seconds in. Song slowly stalking. Simon tries to punch his way back into the fight and runs headlong into another crushing left hook that sends him to the mat. Song swarms with punches that appear to put Simon out at least one more time, sending the referee into action. Simon protests, but he is not steady when he tries to stand. Consummate performance by Song.

Final result: Song def. Simon by TKO (punches)

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