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Jared Gordon ‘laughed’ at Paddy Pimblett’s comments in hospital

Jared Gordon is more interested in a rematch with Bobby Green than Paddy Pimblett.

Gordon lost a highly controversial decision to Pimblett before a no-contest marred his meeting with Green. But when asked about his preference for a second go-around, he chose Green.

“The thing is, Bobby is a better fighter than Paddy, I think,” Gordon said Wednesday on The MMA Hour. “So when I beat him – I was on my way to beating him in the last one. Then it’s like, am I gonna go backward? Fight Patty the flabby, who’s just had ankle surgery and is saying he doesn’t know when he’s gonna come back.

“[Paddy is] probably gonna blow up to some enormous weight, and then what, he’s gonna come fight me, who’s been active? I’ve been active. I’m gonna stay active. I’m gonna get cleared and then get back in there as soon as possible.”

For now, Gordon is still dealing with the ramifications of his fight with Green. Pimblett, meanwhile, is on the mend from his meeting with Gordon after suffering a serious ankle injury in the opening moments of the fight. The U.K. star recently revealed he could be sidelined for the rest of the year.

Don’t get Gordon wrong, he would love to avenge his loss to Pimblett. The fight was almost unanimously scored for him on all but the official scorecards this past December in Las Vegas. It’s just that he doesn’t believe it’s likely they’ll get the same platform as a pay-per-view event unless they both stay on the winning track.

“The only way it makes sense for me is if they give me some big spot, which I doubt they’ll do, because it’s not worthy of a really big spot, I don’t think,” he said. “And I don’t think [the UFC is doing an event] in Liverpool.”

“It’s not worthy of a London main event, or co-main event, because there’s so many guys from over there that deserve it more than him. There’s so many guys from the UK that deserve it more than Paddy, so that’s not gonna happen. And it’s not worthy of a main event here, obviously.

“So unless he comes back and wins one or something, and then I fight and win, and meet down the line. But he’s being salty. He obviously wants to fight me again, because he keeps talking – he’s talking about me from his hospital bed.”

Pimblett cut a promo in the immediate aftermath of his win, calling Gordon a bum who couldn’t beat him on his best day. Those weren’t fighting words for the American, who laughed at the underlying message he read.

“I was laughing because if you really thought you won, bro, you’re in the recovery room at the hospital, you just had an X-ray, and the first words that you’re muttering are Jared Gordon,” Gordon said. “So it’s like, I’m clearly living in your head, and he’s saying, ‘Oh, I beat you on my worst day and I’d beat you on your best’ – I hurt my ankle so badly in the Grant Dawson fight, I went into the [Leonardo] Santos fight and the Paddy fight, I couldn’t even jump on one foot. So I went in there injured already, and I couldn’t walk for weeks after our fight, also. ...

“But I don’t know, I thought it was funny, and obviously, deep down inside, he knows I won, because if he thought he won, he would just move on, and he wouldn’t be talking about me as he’s all doped up on morphine in the recovery room after surgery. I would never be talking about you if I thought I’d won that fight. I would wanna just move on to the next one. And that’s it. But he knows the deal.”

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