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Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia: Live round-by-round updates

MMA Fighting has Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia live round-by-round updates for one of the most anticipated boxing fights of the year at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nev., on Saturday night.

The main event is expected to begin around 10:30 p.m. ET on DAZN and pay-per-view. Check out our Davis vs. Garcia results page to find out what happened on the undercard.

Gervonta Davis (26-0) has recorded knockouts in four of his past five fights. He defeated Hector Garcia via knockout (corner stoppage) in the eighth round of his last trip to the ring this past January.

Ryan Garcia (23-0) has also reeled off four knockouts in his past five fights, including a sixth-round KO of Javier Fortuna this past July in his last outing.

Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia will be a catchweight contest.

Check out the Davis vs. Garcia main event live blog below.

The main event is up next.

Ryan Garcia out first to a solemn entrance song, Spirit Lead Me by Ksalmz.

Gervonta Davis walks out with Chief Keef, who is performing Love Sosa on the way down to the ring.

Thomas Taylor our referee for this fight.

Round 1: Garcia with jabs to start, Davis keeping his distance. No punches from Davis through the first minute, he’s just eyeing Garcia and circling. Garcia cautiously closing the distance. There’s a jab from Davis. Davis not letting Garcia land that jab. Garcia flashes some hand speed, but Davis not biting. Garcia sneaks in a jab before the bell. Very little to score there.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Garcia.

Round 2: Garcia immediately takes the center again. He’s letting the hands go and Davis goes for a body lock to slow him down. Crowd buzzing already. Garcia chasing with that jab and Davis grabs hold again, referee warns him to quit it. Davis circling and still not throwing much. Short right inside, Davis complains that it was close to the back of his head, Garcia cracks him for his troubles. They break and there’s an exchange of punches, huge counter left by Davis drops Garcia! Garcia back up, but Davis smells blood. Davis misses with another left and goes back to waiting for his moment with Garcia in pursuit. We head to Round 3.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-8, Davis. Overall, 19-18 Davis.

Round 3: Garcia back on the hunt, Davis confidently bouncing around the ring. Davis fires a counter left again. Garcia ducks a left hand, Davis gets a head lock and they quickly break it up. Garcia throws a left to the body. Davis reaches out with the left and touches Garcia. Davis starting to open up. Check left hook by Garcia. Davis loading up that left hand, Garcia staying defensive.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Davis. Overall, 29-27 Davis.

Round 4: Garcia trying to open up Davis’ defense with his jab. Garcia goes to the body. Davis answers with a straight left to the body. Garcia feints and goes to the body, but he’s having trouble setting Davis up. Davis fires a left to the body. Nice counter left by Garcia, Davis hits the body again and then fires a jab up top. Garcia can’t get out of the way of that left hand body shot. Garcia scores with a lead right. Left hand connects for Davis as he ducks in and out. Garcia lands a couple of short right hands as Davis ties him up.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Davis. Overall, 39-36 Davis.

Round 5: Tentative start to Round 5. Davis to the body. Garcia throws a jab, but Davis makes him pay with a counter left. Davis a constant threat with that hand. Garcia is in pursuit without throwing much of anything. Garcia jabs the body. Davis hits a left that has Garcia briefly shelling up. Another tie-up from Davis has both fighters awkwardly spinning before they’re broken up. Garcia goes to the body before the bell.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Davis. Overall, 49-45 Davis.

Round 6: Davis leading Garcia around the ring with his footwork. Glancing left by Garcia, he backs up before quickly stepping back in with a right that hits Davis. That woke Davis up. Garcia aggressive with his jab now. Davis looks to regain control with his body work. Garcia narrowly misses a right hand with Davis circling. Garcia lands a right down the pipe. Another right scores for Garcia. Hard body shot by Davis. Uppercut to the body by Garcia.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Garcia. Overall, 58-55 Davis.

Round 7: Garcia lands a right as he marches Davis to the corner. Davis starts rifling his left out there to keep Garcia honest. Davis lands a straight left. Garcia opens up and a high left connects. They exchange punches and Davis lands to the body. Garcia pauses then steps back and takes a knee. He’s hurt. Referee gets to 10 and waves this one off. No complaint from Garcia who didn’t look like he was going to recover.

Official result: Gervonta Davis def. Ryan Garcia via seventh-round KO (1:44)

Davis on his pre-fight prediction that he’d win in Round 7:

“It was me just trying to get into his head. I really don’t know until I actually get in there with my opponent, but once I got in there with him, I felt skill-wise, it was on max.”

Davis on now being the face of boxing:

“I’m definitely the face of boxing. Abso-f******-lutely.”

Garcia on the knockout:

“I’m good,” Garcia said. “‘Tank’ is a great fighter. I know we talked a lot of s*** before getting in here, but he knows it’s all love at the end of the day.”

Garcia on whether he could have continued:

“He just caught me with a good shot. I don’t want to make no excuses in here. He caught me with a good shot and I just couldn’t recover, and that’s it, that’s all I’ve got to say. ... I’m not going to say nothing. I couldn’t breathe.”

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