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‘Bring back headbutts!’: Pros react to brutal Bobby Green vs. Jared Gordon no-contest at UFC Vegas 71

UFC Fight Night: Green v Gordon Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Fight fans tuning into the lightweight fight between Bobby Green and Jared Gordon at UFC Vegas 71 expected fireworks from the two durable pugilists.

So when Green dropped and swarmed on a reeling Gordon late into the opening frame, it was most certainly an exciting development. After a few thudding blows to his dazed opponent, the referee jumped in wave Green off. But while the veteran celebrated his win, replays clearly showed he blasted Gordon with an accidental headbutt. After emotions calmed down, the referee rightfully declared the bout a no-contest due to the illegal strike.

Check out below how Green and Gordon’s fellow fighters reacted to the chaos surrounding their bout at UFC Vegas 71.

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