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Gamebred Boxing 4 results: Jose Aldo vs. Jeremy Stephens ends in majority draw after 6-round battle

Marcell Fagundes, Shooto Brasil

Jose Aldo and Jeremy Stephens engaged in a back-and-forth battle for six rounds at Gamebred Boxing 4, with the fight ultimately ending in a majority draw.

Regardless of their past encounter in the UFC, Stephens showed no fear engaging with Aldo as the veterans continuously brought the best out of each other. While Aldo appeared to be the slicker and more technical boxer, Stephens refused to back down, throwing hard, heavy shots until the final bell sounded.

When it was over, one judge scored the fight 58-56 for Aldo, while the other two judges scored the fight 57-57, which meant the final decision was a majority draw.

“Jeremy is a very tough guy, I knew it would be like that,” Aldo said afterward. “It’s my second match. My corner was telling me I was way ahead, that I was winning well, so I decided to fight right. Jeremy is a tough guy, has knockout power, and it’s a different weight class because I’m lighter, but I don’t get it.

“Thank you very much for the opportunity, Jorge Masvidal. We’ll train harder. I think I won easily. Hit him a lot, didn’t get hit at all, so I don’t know.”

As the fight began, Aldo displayed good technique and blinding speed that eventually gave way to power as he picked his opportunities to tag Stephens with his punches. A slick jab was Aldo’s best weapon early, as he kept a tight guard defensively before then snapping off punches that consistently landed on target.

Stephens attempted to fire back with powerful shots of his own, but Aldo answered rather emphatically as he began digging to the body and then going back up top to the head. Aldo was patient, but when the opportunity presented itself, he assaulted Stephens with flurries of punches in rapid-fire fashion.

While his style wasn’t as polished as the Brazilian’s, Stephens happily stood in the pocket and delivered some bombs of his own, which kept Aldo honest in the exchanges.

By the midway point in the fourth round, Stephens was still marching forward and tagging Aldo with hard shots, inviting the former UFC champ into a war.

Stephens appeared to be slowing down a bit in the later rounds, although he was still more than capable of launching punches with huge knockout power. As for Aldo, he was still just as blazing fast with his combinations and consistently found a home for his right hand, whether he was throwing towards the head or body.

With seconds remaining, Aldo and Stephens bit down on their mouthpieces and started launching bombs to end a truly entertaining six-round fight.

Following the fight, Stephens called for a rematch, with hopes that he could run it back with Aldo one more time in the ring after the majority draw on Saturday.

“Much respect to Jose Aldo,” Stephens shouted. “I’m a big fan of this guy. Let’s run it back No. 3. This guy’s a f****** legend.”

For his part, Aldo seemed more than ready for another fight after feeling like he already deserved the decision over Stephens.

“Yes, please,” Aldo said. “No problem.”

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