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Video: Israel Adesanya shatters Alex Pereira in epic ‘Frozen’-inspired edit

@rayrod747, Twitter

Israel Adesanya’s incredible UFC 287 celebration just got even better.

Thanks to talented video editor Ray Rod, Adesanya’s memorable main event moment from this past Saturday’s pay-per-view main event has been given an impressive coat of paint in the theme of the smash Disney hit Frozen.

Watch Ray Rod’s video below.

Prior to their first meeting at UFC 281, Adesanya boasted that he would leave his past kickboxing rival “frozen like Elsa,” a reference to one of the main characters of Frozen that Adesanya would go on to repeat on multiple occasions. Pereira went on to knock Adesanya out in their first UFC meeting, but “The Last Stylebender” returned the favor in their immediate rematch at UFC 287.

In the edit, Adesanya lands a hammer fist on the fallen Pereira that immediately turns his body to ice. His bow-and-arrow taunt is turned into an actual firing of arrows that leaves Pereira shattered into pieces. The clip ends with a humorous twist as Adesanya then bows down to Frozen snowman Olaf (standing in place of Adesanya’s coach Eugene Bareman).

Adesanya shared the video across his social media platforms, remarking, “Life is just one big cartoon. I’m the main character.”

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