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Video: Logan Paul ‘accidentally’ lands insane flying frog splash on KSI at WrestleMania 39

Logan Paul had back up at WrestleMania 39, but his plans backfired after “accidentally” landing a frog splash through the announce table onto his business partner KSI during a matchup with Seth Rollins.

Since arriving in WWE, Paul has been applauded for the tremendous athleticism he’s shown while still learning how to be a professional wrestler. On Saturday, Paul walked to the ring alongside a mystery person dressed in a Prime Energy drink outfit.

It was safe to say that wasn’t just some random person in that outfit, as fellow social media star turned boxer KSI eventually revealed himself while assisting Paul during the match. Unfortunately, an attempt by KSI to take a selfie ended up with Rollins pulling him onto the table just as Paul launched off the top rope, and then came crashing down onto his former opponent turned friend and business partner.

Paul has pulled off more than a few high flying theatrics since inking a deal to join the WWE roster. His latest had the crowd at SoFi stadium in Los Angeles on its feet.

A few moments after the splash landed, Paul recouped and he attempted to turn the tables on Rollins yet again with another jump off the top rope, but this time he was met with a kick followed by a “curb stomp.”

That ended Paul’s night, with Rollins getting the win while KSI remained laid out in the aftermath of the big splash that put him through the table.

Despite still largely being a novice in pro wrestling, Paul continues to impress with every appearance he makes in WWE, and it’s hard to imagine he won’t be back sooner rather than later, especially after a marquee spot at WrestleMania 39.

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