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Gamebred Boxing 4 video: Joe Riggs suffers nasty ankle injury leading to knockout loss to Markus Perez

Joe Riggs had a rough night at Gamebred Boxing 4 after suffering an ankle injury that led to a knockout from fellow UFC veteran Markus Perez.

It was a back-and-forth battle through the first two rounds, with Riggs holding his own after accepting the matchup on short notice. Sadly, Riggs rolled his ankle during an exchange in the third round and actually turned to walk away, with the commentary team believing perhaps he had lost his mouthpiece.

Instead, Riggs turned around again, with referee Dave Smith allowing the action to continue.

A few seconds later, Perez unleashed a combination of punches, including a left hook followed by a right behind it that floored Riggs, causing the referee to start the 10 count. As the count continued, Riggs told the referee that his ankle was injured as he struggled to get back to his feet, which led to the stoppage being called.

The end came at 1:19 in the third round.

Riggs stayed in the ring as his coaches pulled off his shoes to tend to the injured ankle, while Perez celebrated the win, which came under less than optimal circumstances. Perez also had a few words for former sparring partner Jake Paul, who he alleged still owed him money after Perez was brought in as a paid training partner during a training camp to help the social influencer turned boxer get ready for a fight.

“This is not the way that I want to win the fight, but a victory is a victory,” Perez said. “This victory is important, this is why I’m so happy. I’m so sad for my opponent. For my next fight, Paul Daley, I’m here.

“Jake Paul pay my money, b****. I kick your ass and you don’t pay me. If you don’t want to pay me, fight me.”

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