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Jon Jones opens as heavy favorite over Stipe Miocic in potential heavyweight title fight

UFC 285: Jones v Gane Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Jon Jones answered a lot of questions about his future at heavyweight after he dispatched Ciryl Gane in less than three-minutes at UFC 285.

After claiming the heavyweight title, Jones immediately turned his attention to a future showdown with Stipe Miocic; the fighters eyed UFC 290 in July as a possible host.

Miocic is the longest reigning heavyweight champion in UFC history, while Jones is widely regarded as arguably the greatest MMA fighter of all time.

While both fighters have plenty of accolades on their respective resumes, Jones opened as a sizeable favorite over Miocic in the first odds released for the proposed matchup.

According to the sportsbook at DraftKings, Jones is more than a 3-to-1 favorite to beat Miocic in a potential fight. Here are the current odds:

Jon Jones -325

Stipe Miocic +270

Based on those odds, it would take a $325 bet on Jones to return a $100 profit, while a $100 wager on Miocic would claim $270 if he were victorious.

Odds can change dramatically depending on how many bets are placed on either athlete.

A good example of significant odds movement came with Jones’ fight against Gane. He was very briefly an underdog at several sportsbooks. Within a matter of days, however, Jones had so many wagers placed on him that the odds shifted and made him the favorite. By the time he set foot in the octagon this past Saturday night, he was a very solid favorite to beat Gane, and the fight’s result justified that status.

Right now, Jones and Miocic have only agreed to meet in principle, but no fight has actually been offered by the UFC. So for now, everything remains theoretical with this matchup. But it certainly seems like Jones and Miocic are anxious to face each other before 2023 is over.

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