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Jorge Masvidal goes off on Colby Covington, Jon Anik threats: ‘Colby is only a champion of calling the cops’

Don’t count Jorge Masvidal out of the title conversation just yet.

Masvidal found himself on the outside looking in after UFC president Dana White anointed Colby Covington as the next contender for the welterweight belt following Leon Edwards’ trilogy win of Kamaru Usman at UFC 286. White’s announcement bizarrely preempted Masvidal’s upcoming bout against Gilbert Burns on April 8 at UFC 287, which many assumed would have title implications. But with Edwards already making it clear that he wants Masvidal next, “Gamebred” is confident things at 170 pounds are far from settled.

“I love Dana, but Dana says a lot of things,” Masvidal said Monday on The MMA Hour. “History says one thing — whoever makes the most noise when they fight, whoever f****** sells the most pay-per-views, and whoever fans want to see at the end of the day, that’s who’ll get the title shot on top of it. As I recall, champions have always called the shots, and Colby is only a champion of calling the cops, that c***-sucking b****, p****-ass motherf*****.

“So I’m just going to continue to do me. I’m going to go out there and break f****** Gilbert’s face, and then Leon is going call my name out and then we’ll go fight Leon for this belt, and that’s it. Then Colby can just sit in the timeout box until I call his ass up to fight me again.”

There is certainly no love lost between Masvidal and Covington. The rivalry between the two former roommates and training partners has only increased in intensity since their March 2022 grudge match at UFC 272, which Covington won via unanimous decision.

In the weeks after their fight, Masvidal was arrested for allegedly assaulting Covington outside of a Miami steakhouse. Masvidal’s legal issues stemming from that alleged incident remain ongoing — a pre-trial date is set for May 10, with the trial expected to begin May 22.

It’s all a little wild for Masvidal to consider, especially when he sees Covington wantonly threatening to kill UFC commentator Jon Anik in a recent interview with MMA Fighting.

“I’ve still got three felonies because of this little b****, that allegedly I did this and allegedly I did that,” Masvidal said. “This guy’s a lying piece of s*** coward, the same coward that we’ve all seen him be on f****** TV, and now he’s trying Jon Anik, saying he’s going to kill Jon Anik. Who the f*** are you, bro? You a f****** gangster or are you a cop-calling b**** pressing charges saying another fighter gave you brain damage off allegedly this and allegedly that?

“I’m telling you, bro, this guy’s a bonafide snitch. He’s telling Jon Anik, ‘Your children are not going to have you,’ and this and that. Shut the f*** up, you’re not going do s*** ever in your life, you f****** p****.

“I get it if you try somebody like Chael Sonnen’s ass or f****** Daniel Cormier, if they’re fighters and whatever and you see them,” Masvidal continued. “But you’re just straight up trying a journalist, a civilian, a guy that’s not a combat f****** veteran or nothing. Why doesn’t he talk like that to these other guys that used to fight? He won’t because he’s scared of them. He’ll talk like that to Anik because Anik weighs 140 and f****** he’s not a fighter, man. But it’s always who Colby’s been, bro.

“I was there when [Fabricio] Werdum bounced a boomerang off his head — that dude went running to the cops immediately in Australia. The UFC said, ‘Hey brother, there’s no need to involve the cops,’ this and that. He said, ‘I don’t care,’ and he went to the f****** cops and got them involved and called the cops on f****** Werdum in Australia, filed a police report and everything like a little b****. Went to the police station in Australia to file a police report. You hear what I’m saying, man? This guy’s a f****** b****.”

Masvidal, 38, reiterated numerous times that he considers his co-headlining battle against Burns to be the most important priority right now in his life, even more so than the Gamebred Boxing 4 event he’s set to promote this Saturday in Milwaukee, which features Anthony Pettis vs. Roy Jones Jr. in the main event and a host of MMA stars on the main card.

But Masvidal also promised that the story between he and Covington isn’t over just yet.

“Bro, Colby was saying he had a brain injury, and this brain injury allegedly was because of me. So it’s just funny to me,” Masvidal said. “I heard this bullshit, man, and he was just trying to f****** sue me after saying numerous things, that if he’d see me in the street, he’d f****** leave me in a puddle of my own blood and all this s*** on a podcast that over like 2 million people heard. So this guy’s like delusional, bro. This guy’s going around and saying one thing and then does the complete opposite, so I don’t think anything of this guy.

“There’s nobody in the sport that I formally dislike but him. He’s not my cup of tea, bro. And allegedly this and allegedly that, I can’t talk too much about it, but I’ll tell you this much — when we get in the cage again, I’m going to kill his ass legally, bro. I’ve been training for him since the moment that fight was done. I’ve been just preparing for him.”

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