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Leon Edwards vs. Kamaru Usman 3 full fight video highlights

UFC 286: Gaethje v Fiziev Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Watch Leon Edwards vs. Kamaru Usman 3 full fight video highlights from UFC co-main event of UFC 286, courtesy of the UFC and other outlets.

UFC 286: Edwards vs. Usman 3 took place March 18 at The 02 in London, England. Leon Edwards (21-3, 1 no-contest) and Kamaru Usman (20-3) clashed for the UFC welterweight title in the night’s main event. The fight aired live on ESPN+ pay-per-view.

Catch the video highlights below.

For more on Edwards vs. Usman 3, check out the live blog by MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1

Both men are intense right now. Peak vibes.

Usman comes out crawling and then stands in southpaw. Edwards in orthodox and he’s trying to take the center to start. Whips a strong leg kick into the lead leg of Usman.

Usman not settling here though. He starts coming forward. But Edwards swings a MASSIVE left hand as Usman steps in. Usman avoids but Edwards is clearly looking to set a different tone in this one.

Usman comes in but eats a left hand and Edwards breaks a clinch from happening. Usman starting to get him to back up though. A lot of feints from Usman. Edwards circling more. Right hook from Edwards who tries to take the initiative but Usman pushes him back immediately. He’s trying to corner Edwards but no joy thus far.

Usman showing a little more urgency in pressure and switching stances. Jabs from both and Edwards grabs a clinch and lands a knee before they break. Another chopping low kick from Edwards.

Usman putting a jab out there, but not committed. And Edwards is circling SO MUCH BETTER than in the second fight. Usman can’t cage him. And Edwards lands a kick to the body.

Usman still pressuring and a BIG body kick from Edwards lands that gets a reaction from Usman. And another. Usman showing urgency now. He didn’t like that at all.

Usman swing a combo to back Edwards to the cage and dives on the hips. Edwards and overhook and he turns the clinch and escapes. But Usman protests that Edwards was grabbing the glove. Herb Dean stops the fight to warn Edwards but the position is still won. We’re back at space.

Another body kick from Edwards but he’s getting backed up now. A snap kick to the body and he circles out. Usman is looking a little lost in there. And takes another low kick. But Usman still pressuring with short time. Nothing major before the round ends.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Edwards.

Round 2

If Usman can’t get Edwards back to the fence. This is going to be a long night for him. He is getting no substantive offense out in space. And Edwards is keenly aware of not getting backed up this fight.

Usman covers the center of the cage before Edwards starts the round and Herb Dean stops it to reset Usman, who says something with some vinegar. Frustration?

Edwards holding the center, flashing the jab. Usman appears to be a little cautious of charging in. Edwards lands an inadvertent shot low and we get another break in the action.

Usman looks real frustrated. He doesn’t seem focused, particularly as he says he’s good to go quickly.

Usman still struggling to corral Edwards who keeps landing inside leg kicks and circling. And then eats a left hand as Usman steps in.

Usman gets wobbled! A huge knee as he stepped in puts him on weird legs. But Usman now pressuring a ton. Edwards can’t capitalize. And Usman putting the heat on and lands a big right hand! And then gets a takedown against the fence!

Edwards gets up but Usman lands some big left hands as he stands. Edwards turns in and this fight has amped up. Edwards shoots from far out on a double and Usman sprawls and spins to the back. Horrible choice from Edwards.

Edwards gets to the fence and stands but Usman lands in the between. Edwards lands a straight left that stops Usman momentarily. Edwards’ speed is paying dividends.

Usman is really ramping up the pressure now. Edwards goes high with a kick but it misses. Usman swings wildly. He’s staying on Edwards now with the jab. Edwards lands a body kick. Great weapon for him.

Short time and this is an exceedingly close round. Usman gets Edwards to the fence but can’t land much. A right hand before the end of the round.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Edwards, 20-18 overall.

Round 3

I gave Round 2 to Edwards because of the knee that put a jolt through Usman, but that may well have been Usman’s. Very close.

Usman comes right across the cage to start. Edwards still doing a great job of avoiding the fence and snapping kicks in to the legs. A few already landed in this round.

Usman snatches a single in the open and sits Edwards down. Wow. Usman has top half and in space. Edwards onto a hip though and trying to attack a 2 on 1. Usman staying heavy but Edwards shucks his hips back and gets to his feet. Usman holding the rear waistlock and Edwards FLAGRANTLY grabs the fence to avoid going back down. Herb Dean stops the action to look at the replay.

Edwards is protesting but Dean takes a point. That was deserved. But the crowd is very mad. And the fight restarts on the feet with Dean saying he took the point, he can’t return the position.

Edwards taking the center now and getting active with kicks. Usman snapping the jab in space now. Not focused on the pressure as much. And he kicks back. Edwards still chipping with kicks and circling.

More kicks to the legs but one sneaks high and goes low. Usman says “come on, bro” as Herb Dean stops the action. 4th foul from Edwards. Usman wants a quick restart though.

Usman lands a kick of his own and Edwards protests it as low but Dean says it’s good. Usman cutting the cage and moving now. Edwards kicking a bunch. Usman lands a jab. And a jab to the body.

Edwards keeps kicking low. Spamming that now. Landing almost all of them. 1 minute left and a clinch but Edwards gets out. Another clinch and Edwards covers up and Usman rips hooks to the body. And a nice elbow.

Edwards breaks but Usman staying on him and gets a clinch against the fence. He works here for a few moments but Edwards breaks before the round ends.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-8 Usman, 28-28 overall.

Round 4

That point deduction could be HUGE. Edwards needs to not let it distract him though. Championship rounds incoming.

Usman committing to the jab now. Pumping it continuously. Light action so far this round though. Usman trying to corner still but Edwards on his bike. Lands a couple of low kicks.

Usman struggling to get Edwards to the fence. Does land a whipping left hook in space though. Edwards snapping kicks up the center and moving constantly.

Usman goes for a kick, slips, and Edwards tries to jump on him but Usman scrambles, grabs the leg, and drives Edwards to the fence. Edwards is able to fight it off though and get back to space. Edwards on the attack now. Still snapping those kicks in. So many to the body and leg. He may be setting up another head kick.

Usman regains the lead, working the jab and occasional right hand. Edwards keeps kicking. Lands a left as he circles out. Usman can’t track him down. And eats a jab.

Usman combos in and gets a singke-leg. Up and down. Edwards kicks off but Usman stays right on him. Edwards gets up yet again though! And lands a combo and then a body kick after he breaks. Usman pressuring and dives for the body along the fence. Usman attacking a single as Edwards finally stuffs the head and pivots out. Usman relentless.

Both men showing some signs of fatigue now but Usman staying on him and lands a nice right hand as Edwards backs up. Another shot to end the round that Edwards stuffs.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Edwards, 38-37 Edwards overall.

Round 5

The commentary team believes Usman won that round. Not sure but wouldn’t totally shock me. He was coming forward a lot. Edwards’ corner implores him 5 minutes to defend his title.

Both looking okay to go for the fifth. Intensity.

Usman takes the center immediately and leaving the jab out there, smothering the lead hand. Edwards goes for a naked head kick that gets blocked. Usman stays on him though and gets a body lock against the fence.

Edwards hand-fighting really well though and he breaks. And Edwards lands a left and an uppercut. And a head kick! Usman eats it and we’re starting to get some brawling now. Usman goes to the body, uppercut from Edwards. Usman relentless but Edwards is landing shots. Edwards gets to the fence and Usman drives in.

Edwards again goes 2 on 1 on the hands to fend this off here. Edwards has a plan for the fence. And he breaks.

Kick to the leg from Edwards. Usman keeping the pressure up. Eats a jab. And another. 2:30 and maybe all to play for. Edwards’ hands are low now. He wants no part of a takedown. Another low kick. And a nasty knee when Usman ducks in.

Usman changes levels on a single but Edwards isn’t allowing it. Body kick from the champion. Right hand from Usman. Jab. He is bringing the pressure and gets a single. This time he locks the hands and gets Edwards down. Edwards bounces up again though. And lands a knee as he breaks the clinch. 1 minute left.

Usman still bringing the pressure and goes for a double. Edwards defends. Edwards’ plan for hand-fighting has been sensational. Usman is getting nothing going in these positions. Usman holding this clinch though.

Edwards lands a good knee and breaks. 20 seconds. Edwards with a kick. Usman pressure with short time. Edwards misses an elbow. Usman gets him to the fence and swing but comes up with air.

Very, very good fight.

MMA Fighting scores the fight 10-9 Edwards, 48-46 Edwards overall.

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