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UFC Las Vegas video: Mario Bautista suplexes Guido Cannetti, locks in rear-naked choke for finish

Mario Bautista wrapped up his third consecutive first-round finish after he submitted Guido Cannetti on the main card at UFC Las Vegas on Saturday.

It was a grappling dominant performance from Bautista after he rag dolled Cannetti around the cage including a huge suplex that brought the bantamweights crashing to the canvas. After the slam, Cannetti looked up momentarily as if he was distracted and Bautista took full advantage by snatching the rear-naked choke to earn the tap at 3:18 in the opening round.

Afterward, the usually subdued Bautista called his shot with hopes to see either a ranked opponent or a former UFC champion in his next appearance.

“We don’t take anyone lightly,” Bautista said about Cannetti. “We take you seriously and we were ready for it. I’m not here to play games. I’m here to go to the top.

“I’ve had three first round finishes so I’m ready that top 15. I deserve it. If I don’t get top 15, Cody Garbrandt had a pretty good fight so me and him, we can do it if he wants to.”

As soon as the fight started, Cannetti was swinging sledgehammers with every punch looking like he wanted a knockout. Rather than play with dynamite, Bautista quickly closed the distance and got the takedown as he continuously frustrated Cannetti on the canvas.

At one point, Bautista nearly had the rear-naked choke locked on but Cannetti kept fighting the hands, which prevented the submission from being applied.

Another scramble saw Bautista grab the body lock and that’s when he lifted Cannetti into the air and brought him back down to Earth in violent fashion. Cannetti’s momentary lack of focus as he raised his head to look up at something — perhaps seeing how much time was left on the clock — was the only distraction Bautista needed to grab the choke to finish the fight.

The win moves Bautista to 6-2 in the UFC including a four-fight win streak as he looks for bigger and better competition following this latest performance.

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