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Jake Paul rips Tommy Fury for not signing contract to make all or nothing bet official: ‘They have gone silent’

Jake Paul v Tommy Fury - Press Conference Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images

It looks like all bets are off where Jake Paul and Tommy Fury are concerned.

During the pre-fight press conference on Thursday, Paul offered his upcoming opponent a wager that if Fury was able to beat him, he would double his contracted pay. On the flipside if Fury lost, Paul wouldn’t have to pay him anything.

John Fury, Tommy’s father, immediately accepted the deal with the fighters shaking hands on stage to agree to the wager but now just 24 hours away from setting foot in the ring together, Paul says the actual contract to make the bet official hasn’t been signed or returned to his lawyers.

“All right so get this, as you guys saw the bet yesterday on stage, Tommy agreed to it, shook my hand on stage,” Paul said in a video posted to his Instagram. “His dad said they were agreed to it. So I signed the contract right in front of them.

“We send it over to their lawyers and just as I thought, they have gone silent as a mouse for the last 24 hours. They do not want to sign the contract and it just goes to show they have this false confidence. Put your money where your mouth is. You shook on it like a man and now you guys haven’t signed the actual contract to make the deal official. Soft.”

Paul has become notorious for his pre-fight wager with opponents including a bet he made with Tyron Woodley that required the former UFC champion get a Jake Paul related tattoo if he lost. Woodley actually carried through with the wager and got the tattoo.

Meanwhile, Paul’s bet with Anderson Silva wasn’t nearly as intrusive as he asked the former middleweight king to help him build and promote a fighter’s union as the 26-year-old social influencer continues to battle for better rights for athletes, especially those competing in the UFC.

The bet with Fury was purely financial with the chance to either double his pay or earn nothing with a loss but it appears that won’t be happening after all.

Regardless, Paul and Fury will finally settle their bad blood on Sunday when the undefeated boxers face off in the main event of a card taking place in Saudi Arabia.

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