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Video: Tommy Fury shoves Jake Paul after going nose-to-nose at weigh-ins

Tommy Fury got physical with Jake Paul in their final staredown before facing off Sunday in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia.

The two quickly went nose-to-nose after stepping on the scales, and Fury pushed Paul before security intervened at Saturday’s ceremonial weigh-ins.

Paul, who weighed in at 183.6 pounds, taunted Fury about not signing a contract to finalize a winner-take-all bet he issued at the event’s press conference. A hyped-up Fury, who clocked in at 184.5, wasn’t hearing any of that and promised to knock out the YouTuber turned boxer.

“His time is up,” Fury told broadcaster Ray Flores as his half-brother, heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, stood by with a huge smile. “Tomorrow night, his time is up. Jake Paul will no longer be boxing. I’m going to put this man away inside four rounds.”

Paul wasn’t impressed by the younger Fury’s antics.

“That man’s capping,” Paul said. “He’s acting on stage, getting all hyped up, trying to act like his brother. All you people booing, you’re dumb as f***, too. This is professional boxer is going down. It’s easy, it’s simple. I’m ready, calm, cool and collected, and this is what I do.

“He’s never been in a moment like that. He’s shaking. You can see his nerves running through his system. He can’t stop moving. I’m chill. I’m a real killer. I don’t have to do all that acting s***. I’m a real f****** dog. I’m from Ohio. I’m from Cleveland. A real dog.”

Below is video of Fury and Paul weighing in. They face off in an eight-round contest that airs stateside on ESPN+ pay-per-view.

Afterward, Paul checked in with his older brother Logan Paul and said Fury “bean dipped” him.

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