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Jake Paul has fiery message for Tommy Fury ahead of fight: ‘This is it for you’

Jake Paul isn’t mincing words when it comes to the bad intentions he has for Tommy Fury.

Just days ahead of their fight in Saudi Arabia, the 26-year-old social influencer turned boxer posted a video on social media that directly addressed Fury with promises to end his career once they set foot in the ring together. During his message, Paul mentioned Fury’s longtime girlfriend, Molly Mae Hague, and their daughter Bambi, who was born just a month ago.

“Tommy, I hope you’ve enjoyed these last few moments of your career,” Paul said. “This is it. You’re going to be retired from boxing after this. You’re going to be disowned by your family. You’re going to go back to your mother’s maiden name. There’s nothing else that can save you. It is just me and you. Mano a Mano.

“Your brother’s not in the ring anymore with you. Your dad’s not in the ring with you anymore. Molly’s not in the ring with you anymore. Bambi isn’t in the ring with you anymore. So all that cute motivation about having a child and fighting for her, all that s*** goes out the window when I’m coming to take your f****** head off. Decapitate you.”

As the fight between them was being finalized, Paul actually mentioned that Fury’s girlfriend had their baby prior to the couple actually making any formal announcement about the birth.

He later apologized for the error in judgment but he hasn’t slowed down in his viral messages aimed at Fury ahead of their fight.

“I’m a mean, angry person deep down,” Paul said in the video. “I’m going to take out all of it on your f****** face. There’s nothing you can do to f****** beat me. I’m built different. I want this more than you. I have more of a why. I’m more tapped in. I’m more emotionally intelligent. I’m more spiritually connected. I’ve worked harder every single day, in and out. I have a better team. I have a better support system and guess what? Me winning this fight is for the higher benevolent good of the universe so it’s not just me in the ring.

“It’s all of my guidance. It’s all of my ancestors. It’s all of my spiritual helpers. It’s all the people protecting me and together we are going to f*** you up. You have four rounds and then you are f******. Tommy Fury, this is it for you.”

For his part, Fury told MMA Fighting prior to leaving for Saudi Arabia that he didn’t pay that much attention to Paul’s trash talk even when the Ohio native attempts to turn things personal by mentioning his family.

“No matter what he says or does, whatever he wants, he can’t make this fight personal because he can’t get underneath my skin,” Fury said. “The loudest ones in the room are always the ones who are very insecure, especially in Jake Paul’s case.”

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