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Diego Sanchez to file appeal seeking to overturn result in Austin Trout fight over greasing allegations

Photos by Phil Lambert

Diego Sanchez and his team are filing a formal appeal with the New Mexico Athletic Commission seeking to overturn the result in his recent loss to Austin Trout in BKFC over allegations of greasing.

Sanchez’s representative Ricky Kottenstette confirmed the appeal will be filed with hopes to appear before the commission at the next available hearing in March.

“We will be filling a formal complaint with the NMAC to reverse the bout,” Kottenstette said in a statement to MMA Fighting. “In a sport where clinching is allowed it 100 percent eliminated his chance at implementing a key strategy in his game plan.”

The allegations over greasing came to light just after Sanchez suffered a fourth-round TKO loss to Trout in the co-main event at BKFC KnuckleMania 3, which was held in Albuquerque, N.M.

Sanchez posted a lengthy statement on his Instagram along with videos that showed Trout in his corner between rounds with the cutman applying Vaseline to the fighter’s face and then rubbing down his shoulders and neck.

The former Ultimate Fighter season 1 winner alleged that placing Vaseline on the shoulders and neck prevented him from effectively using his clinch, which was a primary weapon he intended to employ in the fight against a boxing champion like Trout.

“This was in between rounds! And the video before was before the fight [Guillermo Perez] and Austin’s corner in collaboration greasing shoulders and neck before the fight to thwart my game plan to actively strike from the clinch!” Sanchez wrote. “This changed the whole inside fight where I had my best chance to win fighting the five-time boxing world champion Austin Trout in BKFC.

“PLEASE HELP ME GET THIS LOSS OVERTURNED! I was cheated out of a fair fight and took scars that last a lifetime! And had to eat through a straw for three days! Had I got all greased up on my beard his punches would have slid off my chin as well!”

Sanchez continued in a separate post with additional videos showing Trout during the fight as he continued to allege cheating that prevented him from employing his strategy. Over three-plus rounds, Sanchez absorbed a lot of punishment and a couple of nasty cuts, which ultimately led to the doctor’s stoppage in the fourth round.

“I took a lot of extra damage in this bout that I shouldn’t have,” Sanchez said. ! I hope [BKFC president] Dave Feldman can make this right! He has always been true to me, doing me right! If any lawyers can help me get this loss overturned in time please contact me this was blatant cheating! They feared what I would have done in the clinch! I wouldn’t have took this fight if it was Queensbury rules I only took it because I watched Luis Palomino utilize the clinch by grabbing opponents head and actively striking while grabbing the back of the neck and shoulders! That was the fairness of the match up!

“I’m no idiot I would not try to box the five-time boxing world champion with no gloves! We agreed on a neutral battle ground. And the video does not lie! When I did get to his neck he was able to just slip out! I remembered being in the fight recognizing it but just kept focus on winning any way I could! These scars are for life and so is the loss.”

Sanchez now seeking to have the result in the fight overturned with the appeal being filed in New Mexico.

The 41-year-old veteran signed with BKFC after last competing in Eagle FC in 2022, which came after a 15-year career spent in the UFC.

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