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UFC 284 results: Jack Della Maddalena taps out Randy Brown with nasty choke after scoring early knockdown

UFC 284: Della Maddalena v Brown Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Jack Della Maddalena passed his toughest test to date with flying colors — and it did it all in front of his hometown crowd in Perth, Australia.

It was a dominant performance from Della Maddalena after he scored an early knockdown on Randy Brown before snatching a rear-naked choke submission that finished the fight at UFC 284. The official stoppage came at 2:13 in the first round as Brown tapped out and Della Maddalena celebrated his latest win.

“I did [imagine this moment]. I f****** did,” Della Maddalena said. “As soon as he gave me the neck, it was done. I’m not letting go of that. I clipped him, faceplant, hammer fists, submission. That’s how it is.

“I want someone in the top 15. Hopefully we can do this again next year, same time, same place.”

With a five-inch advantage, it was Brown who was looking to set the tone early as he kept throwing a long jab and kicks right behind it to keep Della Maddalena away from him. Nothing much landed and it was clear that Della Maddalena was just looking for an opening to close the distance.

Sure enough, Della Maddalena made his move after avoiding Brown’s strikes and then pressing the fight up against the cage. From there, Della Maddalena just measured his shots before unloading a huge punch that sent Brown down in a heap.

Despite the near knockout, Brown scrambled to survive as Della Maddalena continued his assault with a barrage of shots until seeing the opening for the submission. As soon as Della Maddalena got his arms around the neck, he secured the rear naked choke and Brown had no choice but to tap or go to sleep.

With the win, Della Maddalena moved to 4-0 in the UFC with all four fights ending in the first round. It’s safe to say he’ll be looking at ranked competition sooner rather than later, especially after another impressive win on Saturday.

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