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Jake Paul continues to take shots at Tommy Fury, Fury responds with charity ultimatum

Jake Paul v Anderson Silva
Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Jake Paul and Tommy Fury saga rages on.

On Thursday, Paul revealed he had signed a deal with the PFL with the intention of competing in MMA before the end of the year, and even calling out Nate Diaz in the process. But despite this new combat sports endeavor ahead of him, Paul remains the biggest draw in the influencer boxing game, and rumors had recently surfaced that Paul would finally settle his longstanding beef with Tommy Fury next. However, that rumored fight appears to be in jeopardy, as Paul told Mirror Fighting.

“I have done everything in my power to make the fight happen against this 8-0 boxer, including offering to go to Manchester for February 18 in partnership with Frank and George Warren,” Paul said. “I’m looking at any other alternative to make this fight work.”

Paul and Fury have twice been booked to fight each other over the past year, with Fury, half brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, withdrawing in both instances, once for a rib injury and the other due to visa issues. Unconfirmed reports have said that Paul is offering Fury $2.5 million for the matchup, reports Paul teased were true Thursday.

“I cannot confirm nor deny this accurate statement.

“What I can confirm is Tommy Fury is never going to see the kind of money he is being offered to step in the ring with me. And yet he’s still on the run. #Boxer”

With the Fury fight appearing to be on the ropes, Paul even threw out Mike Perry as a potential backup option, saying “it might be your lucky year,” before again taking shots at Fury and his father, John, who infamously challenged to the YouTuber personally, when Paul showed up to Fury’s most recent fight.

“All that dancing Tommy and Papa Johns did in Dubai…and to this day they continue dance.

“I will come to your land, to your backyard, to your house. But of course you won’t be home. Son and pappy are all show but no shows.”

Paul’s relentless attacks seem to have gotten a rise out of Fury though, as on Friday, “TNT” responded to Paul with an ultimatum: a fight in England in February as planned, with all proceeds going to charity.

“Once again, I’m seeing Jake Paul s*** all over the internet. You offered Paddy Pimblett a million and a half pounds to spar, you offered Tyson a million pound bet on some bollocks or other, but you don’t want to pay me much more to have a fight. Well, I’ll go one better than that, because it’s gone past money for me now. I’m not bothered. I’ll fight you for free, in Manchester or London next month. Not a problem.

“So let’s see how game you are. Promoters get nothing — who are trying to take everything — me and you get nothing, all proceeds will go to charity. I just want to fight you and put an end to you, because all this money and everything has gone on too long. I just want to fight you now, Manchester or London, next month, we get nothing, all proceeds to charity, take it or leave it.”

Fury most recently faced Rolly Lambert in an exhibition bout in November. Paul, meanwhile, most recently won a unanimous decision over Anderson Silva to move to 6-0 in his professional boxing career.


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