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Rankings Show: The second annual airing of grievances — beefs, betrayals, and an unexpected Tony Ferguson civil war

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Gallery Photo: UFC 177 Media Day

It’s a brand new year! So hey ... let’s start some fires, shall we?

On the first Rankings Show of 2023, co-hosts Shaun Al-Shatti and Alexander K. Lee are joined by four of their fellow MMA Fighting rankings panelists — Damon Martin, Jed Meshew, Mike Heck, and E. Casey Leydon — for the rankings committee’s second annual Airing of Grievances.

The crew retakes their seats around the ol’ roundtable and demands answers for the worst calls and most puzzling decisions by their fellow rankers in 2022. Why is this fighter so high on your rankings? Why is this one so low?? How you could possibly leave this person out?!? It’s the return of our own secret Santa gift exchange to close out the holiday season — only instead of gifts, the gang is handing out another heaping helping of accountability.

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