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UFC 283 results: Brandon Moreno wins fourth fight against Deiveson Figueiredo due to third-round doctor’s stoppage

Four fights and over an hour spent in the cage together but Brandon Moreno finally closed the door on his rivalry with Deiveson Figueiredo at UFC 283.

The fight ended after Moreno landed a nasty punch midway through the third round, which left Figueiredo with significant swelling and a cut near his eye. After the horn sounded on the most dominant round in the fight, Figueiredo returned to his corner where a doctor examined his eye and declared that he should not be allowed to continue.

With that, the co-main event came to an end with Moreno celebrating a second win over Figueiredo while also cementing himself as the best flyweight in the UFC.

“This for me, it’s very hard,” Moreno said afterwards. “The people need to understand, I’m just trying to get food for my family and that’s it. I was trying to be very, very smart. The last one, I was so emotional.”

With so much time spent in the cage together, Figueiredo and Moreno were both showing patience while setting up strikes on the feet. Moreno ended up with a couple of surprise takedowns but he also had to fend off a pair of submission attempts as Figueiredo looked for a guillotine early and then a heel hook late in the opening round.

While Moreno was showcasing his wrestling, he was actually landing the better combinations on the feet with a significant advantage in strikes landed. Still, Figueiredo’s ability to connect with power continuously forced Moreno to stay wary when trading shots with the Brazilian.

Late in the second round, Moreno ducked down for another takedown but Figueiredo quickly countered with a guillotine choke attempt. The submission looked tight momentarily but Moreno eventually popped free and that left him on top where he maintained control over Figueiredo while also raining down some punches and elbows.

With so many even exchanges on the feet, Moreno was looking for an ideal opening and that’s when he threw a huge left hand that caught Figueiredo directly in the eye. As soon as the shot landed Figueiredo complained as if he got poked in the eye but replays showed that it was a punch and a knuckle that landed flush to cause the damage.

From there, Moreno took over with a dominant ground and pound attack until the horn sounded to end the round. Once Figueiredo went to his corner, attempts were made to help the cut and reduce the swelling but it was clear the Brazilian’s eye was completely closed.

It didn’t take the doctor long to look at Figueiredo’s eye to realize it was just unsafe to allow him to continue. The fight was stopped and while it obviously wasn’t the result Figueiredo wanted, he accepted the defeat while also announcing his exit from the flyweight division.

“Unfortunately it’s time to leave this division,” Figueiredo said. “Congratulations to Brandon but I’m moving up. It was Brandon’s night. I thought it was an eye poke. I hope I don’t have any lasting problems with my eyes. I’m tired of making this weight, that’s why I’m moving up.”

With Moreno’s win and Figueiredo declaring his days at 125 pounds are over, one of the greatest rivalries in UFC history comes to an end. Moreno also now takes over at the top of the flyweight division with a long list of contenders just itching for the chance to finally compete for UFC gold.

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