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Jamahal Hill vs. Glover Teixeira full fight video highlights

Watch Jamahal Hill vs. Glover Teixeira full fight video highlights from UFC 283’s main event Saturday night in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, courtesy of the UFC.

Teixeira vs. Hill took place Jan. 21 at the Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Former UFC champion Glover Teixeira (33-9) faced off against Jamahal Hill (12-1, 1 NC) for the vacant UFC light heayweight title in the night’s main event. The fight aired live on ESPN+ pay-per-view.

Catch the video highlights below.

For more on Teixeira vs. Hill, check out the live blog by MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1: Teixeira out in orthodox, Hill in southpaw but he quickly switches stances. Teixeira goes for an early takedown but not with intent and Hill blocks. Hill switches stances again. Teixeira goes for a single and this has purpose but Hill fends it off well and then lands a pair of knees.

Hill in space and working a jab. Hill swings wildly and Teixeira changes levels but can’t get it done. Hill snaps a kick in. Teixeira tries to catch but no joy. Hill’s takedown defense looks excellent to start and he’s landing the shots from range.

Teixeira grabs a snatch single but Hill is pivoting off it quickly and Teixeira is quitting. He’s not going to chase something empty. And Hill lands a nasty body kick. and a right hand.

Hill has Teixeira against the fence and he’s lining up a left. Teixeira hand fighting but eats a combo. Hill getting off to a great start. So much volume. Teixeira rolling some of them but he’s eating a lot. Especially some knees and kicks to the body.

A clinch from Teixeira but Hill isn’t allowing him to get any traction there. Teixeira now committing to his own right hand and finds a home. He’s got Hill backing up. Hill turns and comes back and there’s an eye poke from Teixeira that breaks the action.

We restart with 75 seconds left. Hill keeping the range. Teixeira grabs a snatch single and he’s closer to finishing it but Hill hops out. Hill comes with a combo and Teixeira bleeding from the nose a bit. Teixeira is doing a great job of rolling some of these shots but this is playing with fire. Hill is popping his shots off with impunity.

Hill swings heavy to end the round but doesn’t land anything. Great start for Hill.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Hill.

Round 2: Teixeira got closer to the takedown as the round went on. The question is whether Hill will slow down and those takedowns will become available. Because we know Teixeira can keep coming forward. Hill looks good in the corner though.

Teixeira cutting the cage to start but Hill is doing a good job of getting to the center again. And he’s smacking with kicks to the leg and body. Good work. He’s flashing the hands as Glover comes in but not landing anything clean. And now Hill pokes Teixeira in the eye and we get a break.

Teixeira appears very mad but then tells Hill “1-1” so that’s funny. We restart. Teixeira now goes for some kicks and they are starting to get after it!

Teixeiragets wobbled! He retreats to the cage but he was hurt by a head kick! Hill in pursuit and lands a big uppercut against the fence! Teixeira still moving though and he lands a big shot that backs Hill up! They’re brawling in there now! Big right from Teixeira opens up a cut on Hill! Hill on tired legs but he’s firing nasty kicks! And a big right hand! But this is how Teixeira makes his money and a takedown lands for Teixeira!!!!

Hill trying to use the fence but Teixeira is all over him! Teixeira back mount and now mount as Hill rolls. Hill with half guard now but Teixeira attacking an arm-triangle! Hill defends it and Teixeira weighting on him now. Hill trying to get up with the cage but Teixeira smothering him and attacking.

Hill is able to slip up and out!!!! Back in space now and both men are pouring blood. This is going to be a test of wills it seems. Hill showing some heart and lands a big right hand but Teixeira is on the attack. Hill still got pep in his step. Swings wildly and Teixeira ducks under but can’t get the takedown. He does land a big left of his own though. Teixeira is just marching Hill down now but he eats a big right that opens him up. Tremendous round.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Hill, 20-18 Hill overall.

Round 3: Hill looks fresh to start the third. That’s good for him. But Teixeira comes forward immediately and goes for a single. this time Teixeira gets him to the fence and he’s in deep. Hill fighting it ogg and he manages to! That was deep. Now they’re in a clinch and then they break.

Hill is jabbing constantly to set up the right hand. Not getting the right but the jabs are scoring. Now he switches stances and jabs there. Giving Teixeira looks. High kick wobbles Teixeira again and he’s in real trouble now!!!!!

Teixeira backs up and trip to the mat and Hill trying to get the finish! Teixeira going for a single but can’t and it’s bad news bears from Hill. He’s got Teixeira busted up and against the fence and he’s firing shots in! Teixeira holding on for dear life. He’s still in this but Hill standing over him trying to find the big shot. He can’t quite land it yet and now Teixeira rolling on a double leg!

Hill finally steps off and lets Teixeira up to his feet and this is real bad for Teixeira. Hill looks very good. He may be tiring though and Teixeira keeps coming forward!!!! The heart on this man!

Pace is slowing. Teixeira having trouble with his left eye but Hill is tagging him. He may be getting tired though. Noticeable lack of pop in his shots now. Teixeira on the march and Hill getting a little sloppy. And now Teixeira lands a combo!

Teixeiraon the attack now! Hill snaps a counter and gets back to space. This is one hell of a fight!! Hill lands a monster knee before the bell and Teixeira is wearing it right now.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-7 Hill, 30-25 Hill overall.

Round 4: Teixeira needs a finish but he doesn’t look good. Hill looks pretty okay frankly. Also, “doesn’t look good” is an understatement. His face is a horror movie. Soooo bad.

Teixeira back on the march immediately though and Hill kicks him to the body a bunch.

A monster knee from Hill on a clinch but Teixeira gets double unders! He gets Hill to the fence but can’t get the takedown. That’s been the key for Hill. Great preparation for the wrestling attack.

Teixeira back to the center and coming forward. Hill lands a huge head kick and a right hand behind it and Teixeira still standing in there. Hill has to be wondering how this old man is still standing. But standing he is, and throwing back. Hill still active but Teixeira is getting him backed up easily now. But Hill fired a big shot. And a huge right hand from Teixeira!!!! Hill backs off for a moment and Teixeira now in pursuit. Hill fires back and the toughness on display here from both men is something to behold.

Great body shot from Teixeira. He’s attacking in combination. Hill firing back and hurts Teixeira again! Teixeira on shaky legs! Hill has him against the fence but he can’t find the finishing shot! Goddard wanrs Teixeira who lands a big right hand back.

Hill pouring it on now though! knees in the clinch and uppercuts! Goddard taking a close look! Teixeira doing just enough to stay in it but barely. Hill charging at him and unloads before the final bell.

At this point, Teixeira’s corner should stop this one. He seems done.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-7 Hill, 40-34 overall.

Round 5: John Hackleman wants to stop the fight. They should. But the rest of Teixeira’s corner isn’t allowing it. The doctor comes in to check.

For reference, the striking numbers are 192 to 54 for Hill. And we’re going to a 5th round. All or nothing here. Teixeira looks awful. This would be the greatest comeback of all time.

Teixeira gets a single leg early and double underhooks and he scores a takedown early!!!!

Teixeira in top half and this is everything right here. He has to finish1 Hill trying to create a scramble and he may have one. Nope! Teixeira moves to side control!!!!

Hill tries to scramble but Teixeira flattens him back down. Hill is staying coiled to explode and he’s digging unders. Teixeira back i top half and smothering. He’s trying to move to mount!!!!

He gets it!!!!! 3 minutes to work and Teixeira is in the full mount!!!!!!!!!

Hill sneaks out the back!!!!!!!!!!! Now he’s on top of Teixeira in half guard!! What heart!

This fight may end right here. Hill is just staying heavy on top and I don’t know if Teixeira has anything to offer. Hill does move to side control himself and he’s chipping away.

Hill finally steps away and we’ve got one minute left. Hill just needs to survive and he’s the new champion.

Teixeira throwing caution to the wind now but Hill is jogging away basically. This man is not going to shoot himself in the foot. Teixeira beckoning him on but 10 seconds left. This one is a wrap. Jamahal Hill will be a UFC champion. That’s wild.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Teixeira, 49-44 Hill overall.

Jamahal Hill def. Glover Teixeira by unanimous decision (50-44, 50-44, 50-44).

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