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UFC 283 results: Johnny Walker blasts Paul Craig with vicious punches and hammer fists to earn first-round knockout


Johnny Walker displayed knockout power and a lot of creativity with his win at UFC 283.

With his leg hoisted in the air as Paul Craig attempted to take him off his feet, Walker unloaded a huge right hook that blasted the Scottish light heavyweight and put him on wobbly legs. As Craig continued to try and hold on for the takedown, Walker just unleased a brutal series of hammer fists that left his opponent unable to defend himself.

That gave the referee no choice but to stop the fight with the end coming at 2:16 in the opening round.

“These are my people,” Walker said to the Brazilian crowd. “They gave me all this energy and I put it in my hands. I’m a guy that can generate power from anywhere. I don’t need any space.

“I don’t give a f*** [who’s next]. I want to be like [Daniel] Cormier, I want to have two belts!”

Going up against a noted submission specialist, Walker appeared ready to deal with a grappling heavy attack but Craig was willing to trade hands during a couple of early exchanges.

That changed after Craig saw an opening to grab onto a leg as he lifted it into the air while attempting to bring Walker crashing to the canvas. Instead, Walker snapped off a beautifully timed hook that cracked Craig on the chin, snapping his head around and leaving him stunned.

From there, Walker was looking for the finish as he continued throwing hard, heavy shots with Craig still trying to hold onto the leg to survive. It was ultimately a futile effort as Walker just kept throwing punches including a vicious series of hammer fists that finally put Craig away once and for all.

The knockout helped Walker secure a two-fight win streak as he looks to jump back up the light heavyweight rankings following a tough 1-4 run through his five previous fights in the octagon.

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