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UFC 283 video: Gabriel Bonfim taps Mounir Lazzez, joins brother Ismael Bonfim in winner’s circle

UFC 283: Bonfim v Lazzez Photo by Buda Mendes/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

It was a good night for the brothers Bonfim as Gabriel Bonfim joined younger brother Ismael Bonfim in the winner’s circle with a first-round submission at UFC 283.

Gabriel Bonfim needed just 49 seconds to tap striking specialist Mounir Lazzez, who gave him up his neck as he ducked under his opponent’s striking attack.

Check out the finish below, and Ismael Bonfim’s reaction to his brother’s finish.

Lazzez’s sharp, technical striking stood in stark contrast to the aggressiveness of Gabriel Bonfim, who charged in throwing heat from the opening bell. But as it turned out, that approach was exactly what it took to get the striking specialist looking for a takedown, and when Bonfim secured his legs around Lazzez’s torso, there was no escaping. As the two rolled to a stop on the canvas, Bonfim’s hands were still secured around the neck, and Lazzez had to tap.

Gabriel and Ismael Bonfim are now both successful UFC fighters after Ismael Bonfim upset Terrance McKinney via highlight-reel knockout earlier on the card. Overall, Gabriel Bonfim improves to 13-0, while Lazzez drops to 11-3.

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