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UFC 283 results: Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua suffers knockout loss to Ihor Potieria in retirement fight


Mixed martial arts rarely affords its legends a fairytale ending and unfortunately Mauricio “Shogun” Rua is the latest to suffer that fate in his retirement fight at UFC 283.

Despite a strong start, Rua ultimately got clipped by a hard right hand from Ihor Potieria in the first round that eventually saw him fall to the ground. From there. Potieria just started unloading shots and with Rua stuck underneath him without offering any real resistance, referee Herb Dean had no choice but to stop the contest.

The end came at 4:05 in the first round.

“Sorry you guys. I wanted to end my career with a win,” Rua said to the Brazilian crowd. “I’m going to end my career here. I have to thank my fans, Dana [White], Lorenzo [Fertitta] and everyone in the UFC who made it happen over the years.”

With a vocal crowd behind him, it was “Shogun” who actually set the tone early with a stiff left-right combination that tagged Potieria directly on the chin. Undeterred from the shots landed, Potieria quickly looked to change the momentum by throwing out a lead jab and then pressing the action by walking Rua down with an aggressive strategy.

While Rua was able to escape the clinch position against his taller opponent, he was also willing to engage in another heavy exchange and that’s what ultimately led to his doom.

As the light heavyweights traded blows, Potieria threw a right hook that caught Rua on the top of his head and it was clear that the former UFC champion was wobbled from the punch. Realizing that Rua was hurt, Potieria surged forward with a barrage of shots until the Brazilian dropped to the canvas.

With Rua covering up and not offering much resistance, Potieria just unloaded punches in rapid-fire succession until the referee saw enough to stop the fight.

The TKO will serve as Potieria’s first win in the UFC as he moves to 1-1 overall inside the octagon after earning his contract with a victory on The Contender Series.

“Nice to meet you, we are from Ukraine and I’m the future of the UFC,” Potieria shouted afterwards. “This is what I practiced. I knew my right hand would land because I saw him miss it in a lot of other fights. Ukraine, I love you.”

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