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Spike Carlyle heated with commission after missing weight for Bellator 286: ‘This is not fair’

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Spike Carlyle wasn’t happy with Bellator 286’s official weigh-ins.

The 29-year-old lightweight missed weight by 0.6 pounds on Friday, tipping the scales at 156.6 pounds for his co-headlining matchup against A.J. McKee, which is a non-title bout. That was Carlyle’s second attempt after being given an additional hour to cut weight; the UFC veteran initially weighed in at 157 pounds on his first attempt.

After weighing in a second time, Carlyle grew visibly upset with California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) officials, arguing that the official scale was off and causing his weight to appear higher than it should. Carlyle also took issue with the CSAC’s weigh-in window, which lasted only for one hour from 9 a.m. PT to 10 a.m. PT.

“This [scale] is going off,” Carlyle said. “Look, it just went down by .2 pounds. Can I re-weigh this, please? It’s .2 right now, I’m not even standing on it. This is not fair.

“Brother, the time to be here was 11 [a.m.]. You guys made me come down, I had to re-do everything and come back. I would’ve been on weight. The scale is literally .2 off, and it’s .4 right now. My hair is still wet. I just need 10 minutes to dry my hair, I have long hair. This isn’t right. I’ve never missed weight in my life. I’m a professional.”

Carlyle was ultimately fined 20 percent of his purse for the weight miss.

Watch video of his weigh-ins below.

Carlyle (14-3) welcomes former Bellator champion McKee to the lightweight division on Saturday at Bellator 286.

“The Alpha Ginger” has won five consecutive fights since exiting the UFC in 2020.

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