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‘There’s no way that was not intentional’: Title fight ends in controversy after alleged uncalled fouls in Canada

Elisandra Ferreira
@lili_ferreiramma, Instagram

Brazilian atomweight Elisandra Ferreira is protesting her championship loss to Anastasia Nikolakakos after three alleged uncalled fouls in the co-main event of Pallas Athena Women’s Fighting Championship 2 in Calgary, Canada, on Aug. 27.

Ferreira met Canada’s undefeated Nikolakakos for a 105-pound belt and she is accusing the local fighter of landing illegal blows over the course of the fight. The referee did not deduct any points and judges ultimately awarded Nikolakakos a technical decision after an illegal knee to the head forced the end of the fight in the fourth round.

Watch the sequences below.

“I don’t know if she committed those fouls because she felt in danger,” Ferreira told MMA Fighting. “The headbutt was in the first round, when she took me down and I held her arm to maybe go for the armbar or do a hip escape. She looked at me and headbutted me. I felt it go numb but they didn’t take any points away from her. I decided to go back and fight, but it wasn’t the same anymore.

“She came for the takedown in the third round and I defended it, going for the guillotine choke right away. I could hear her making noises like she was going to tap, and that’s when she stuck her fingers to my ribs. I yelled at the referee, but she took it out by the time he went there to check it, and I had lost pressure on the choke already.

“She took me down early in round four and went to side control and kneed me in the head. There’s no way that was not intentional. I don’t know why she committed those fouls, but that’s three fouls and no points deducted. You can see her committing the fouls in the video. In her interview after the fight, she said mistakes happen. She didn’t apologize, she said like it was normal.”

Nikolakakos responded to the accusations in a statement to MMA Fighting, saying “my team is taking care of it, management and coaches.” The victory boosted her professional MMA record to 4-0. This was Nikolakakos’ fist bout since stopping Ashley Medina at Invicta FC 33 in 2018.

“That’s all I’m going to say to that,” Nikolakakos said. “I don’t care what they’re saying, honestly this is the first time I’m hearing it because I just don’t pay attention to this, so thank you for letting me know.”

“I’m an athlete and that’s what I need to focus on.”

Ferreira said she has filed an appeal with the Calgary Combative Sports Commission hoping the result is overturned to a no-contest she is asking the PAWFC for an immediate rematch. Ferreira said “the commission has agreed to review the fight but hasn’t told me yet if they will overturn it.”

MMA Fighting has reached out to the CCSC for comment, but has yet to receive a response.

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