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Sam Alvey reveals he suffered a broken jaw in his knockout loss at UFC Vegas 59

UFC Fight Night: Alvey v Oleksiejczuk
Sam Alvey
Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Sam Alvey needs to take time to recover after revealing that he suffered a broken jaw in his first-round knockout loss to Michal Oleksiejczuk at UFC Vegas 59 on Saturday.

The veteran middleweight confirmed the news in a post to his TikTok account.

“At this current moment, I have a broken jaw from the first damn punch he hit me with,” Alvey said. “Son of a b****. Likely getting my mouth wired shut but I tell you, I wouldn’t have picked a different career if I had the opportunity years ago.”

The fight went sideways for Alvey from the opening exchange after Oleksiejczuk blasted him with a punch that sent the former Ultimate Fighter contender down to the canvas.

Oleksiejczuk continued his assault even after Alvey got back to his feet but the situation only went from bad to worse as the fight continued.

With Alvey on wobbly legs, Oleksiejczuk pursued him across the octagon before landing another devastating shot that ultimately ended the fight. When Alvey got back to his feet, his face was covered in blood and he was taken to a local hospital for treatment afterwards.

In his initial post after the fight, Alvey stated that he believed he had at least a broken tooth as a result of the knockout but it turns out he actually had a fractured jaw.

The loss to Oleksiejczuk also brought Alvey’s run with the UFC to an end after he was allowed to complete his contract with the promotion on Saturday despite an incredibly tough run without a win since 2018.

Alvey fell to 0-8-1 in his last nine fights with the loss to Oleksiejczuk, which accounts for the longest winless streak in UFC history. That fact wasn’t lost on Alvey after the event was over.

“I swear i used to be good,” Alvey wrote on Instagram. “I lost a step somewhere but my family got to see me fight live. I’m fine but my pride hurts right now.”

Despite this latest setback, Alvey didn’t address his future in the sport when it comes to potentially fighting again. He was understandably disappointed in the result and now Alvey needs an extended break to allow his jaw to heal after his latest loss.

“I was convinced that I could beat anybody at any time and I guess not,” Alvey said. “I would say there’s still not a person on the planet that likes doing this sport more than me.”

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