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Jamahal Hill vs. Thiago Santos full fight video highlights

Watch Jamahal Hill vs. Thiago Santos full fight video highlights from the main event of UFC Vegas 59 courtesy of the UFC and other outlets.

UFC Vegas 59 took place Aug. 6 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thiago Santos (22-11) and Jamahal Hill (11-1, 1 no-contest) collided in the night’s main event, which was a rematch of one of the greatest upsets in MMA history. The fight aired live on ESPN.

Catch the video highlights below.

For more on Santos vs. Hill, check out the live blog from MMA Fighting’s Steven Marrocco below.

Round 1:

Herb Dean oversees this light heavyweight headliner. Very intense stares from both before the faceoff. This is go time for both, a lot riding on their futures at 205 pounds.

Range finding early from both. Hill in a wide stance and takes a kick from southpaw Santos. Hill closes and Santos grabs a leg. Hill smiles and pulls away, and they reset. Hill back on the advance and tests his left. Santos goes high with the leg, and Hill smiles again. Hill on his jab and barely avoids overhand left. Hill puts his left on target and closes again. Santos again grabs a leg and this time has the cage to help him out. Hill fights the takedown with a whizzer, and Santos settles for the clinch. He changes levels and takes a knee. Santos elevates but can’t get it done. He’s reaching and exposing himself to Hill’s punches and knees. Hill contacts the cup with a knee, and they break. Just over 90 seconds left in round. Dean starts then from the center of the cage, and Hill gets another shot at working his standup. He works his jab moving forward, and Santos fires big shots to stop his advaance. Right hook stops him, and he circles off as Hill closes in. Wheel kick attempt from Santos and he lands a counter off Hill’s return.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Santos.

Round 2:

Swelling over Hill’s left eye. He works leg kicks early, trying to cut an angle inside. They trade blocked high kicks. Tactical rather than slugfest so far. They trade jabs at distance, and Santos rips the body and then changes levels for the takedown. Hill pops right up, and we’re back where we were in the first, with Santos trying to put his man back on the canvas. Knee knocks out Hills’ mouthpiece. Santos selevates again and then spins with a kick. Now they’re trading, and Santos breaks it up with another takedown attempt. Dean stops them to give Hill mouthpiece, and they start again on the fence. Back in open range, Hill’s right hook is doing damage, but Santos clips him with a left hook. It’s a firefight now. Head movement from Santos as he works backward. Hill clips Santos with a head kick as he tries to spin. It looks like Santos is tiring. Hill’s pressure is getting to him a bit, but he’s still in the fight. Santos wings a big shot, he’s loading up, and Hill is staying tight. That right hook still good for Hill. Trade of leg kicks. Santos swinging wild, and Hill hurts him with a right hook. Head kick follow up misses, and they trade jabs and hooks to finish.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Hill, and it’s 19 all.

Round 3:

Eye swelling getting a bit worse for Hill, who advances early again. Hill active with kicks, and Santos shoots in. He struggles to complete the double, and Hill pops up right away. Lateral elbows from Hill, who recovers clinch with an underhook. Santos dangerously close to exposing neck, but he takes a leg and nearly grabs the neck. Hill escapes again, and Santos dives after him for another single leg attempt. Hill sprawls and secures control of the leg, and Santos stalls out. Punches from Hill, but Santos won’t give up and dumps him again. Hill grabbed the fence and it still didn’t matter. At the back, Santos wraps the waist as Hill punches his flank. Santos works to flatten Hill out and takes the back as Hill stands. Knees to the leg from Santos, and Hill turns. Another trip attempt from the Brazilian, and body lock gets it done. Santos on the back, and he attacks Hill’s neck. Hill again up, and he elbows Santos’ head before turning. Hill knees the head and gets tripped to the mat. Santos swinging for the fences after Hill pops up, and it isn’t long before he’s defending the takedown again. Hlll uses the plumb and takes an uppercut before Santos takes a knee. Another takedown attempt from Santos, and he ends the round on top.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Santos, and it’s 29-28 Santos.

Round 4:

Hill moves forward, though there’s less of a pep in his step. They trade leg kicks, and Hill works the jab, taking a body kick. One-two for Hill, and Santos leaps with a knee. They’re throwing heat against the fence, and Santos lands a nice right hook. Body kick from Santos. Hill marches in again and connects with a straight left. Kicks from Saantos, and Hill pops him with a shot on the way out, Santos is hurt, and a knee clips him. They’re trading heavy shots and both getting clipped, but Santos takes a shot that knocks him to the ground, and Hill is all over him, pounding away. Santos moves to the fence, and Hill is pounding away with elbows. Santos is fading quickly, and Dean steps in to stop the punishment.

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