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UFC Vegas 59 video: Juliana Miller dominates Brogan Walker, finishes with nasty ground assault to become TUF champion

Juliana Miller had the least amount of experience when she joined The Ultimate Fighter cast but now she’s the latest winner of the long-running reality show after a dominant performance at UFC Vegas 59.

The 26-year-old flyweight used her grappling to overwhelm Brogan Walker until eventually moving into the mount in the third and final round where she began hammering away with a barrage of punches and elbows. Referee Keith Peterson eventually saw enough to stop the fight at 3:57 in the third round with Walker getting the TKO victory.

“I’m really grateful for the opportunity to be here,” Miller said. “I can’t wait to show the world what’s next. I just worked on my composure. I level up exponentially every time I step in this cage so watch out world.”

A fast start from Walker ended up with Miller securing an early takedown as she took top position and started to work her grappling game as she looked for an opening to land punches and elbows on the inside. Walker wasn’t absorbing much damage but she was also locked underneath Miller, who was staying just busy enough to prevent the referee from standing the fight up again.

When the round ended, Walker got back to her feet with a huge mouse swelling up under her left eye, which could potentially cause her a lot of issues as the fight moved forward. Between that and the way the fight was playing out, Walker was forced to get more aggressive but that also gave Miller the chance to drag the fight back down to the ground again.

Miller eventually advanced to take the back as she began fishing for the rear-naked choke submission but Walker found a way to slip free, although she was still unable to change the momentum in the fight. While she didn’t get the finish, Miller maintained her dominance with another takedown as she continued to suffocate Walker on the ground.

Knowing that a finish was her only route to victory, Walker inexplicably kept initiating the clinch and that allowed Miller to bring her to the canvas again and again.

From there, Miller moved into the mount as she started raining down a series of vicious elbows and hammer fists that left the referee no choice but to stop the fight before Walker just absorbed unwarranted damage.

A member of Team Julianna Pena on the show, Miller looks like a solid prospect joining the 125-pound division while still gaining experience after moving to just 3-1 with her win on Saturday.

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