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UFC Vegas 59 video: Serghei Spivac bludgeons Augusto Sakai with ground-and-pound for second-round finish

Serghei Spivac was dominant from start to finish as he earned a second round TKO at UFC Vegas 59.

Showcasing a grappling heavy style combined with relentless ground and pound, Spivac never gave Augusto Sakai a moment of rest as he just poured on the punishment until referee Mark Smith saw enough to stop the contest. The end came at 3:42 in the second round as Spivac moves to 5-1 in his past six fights.

“I come to Las Vegas maybe five months ago and I prepared for this fight very hard,” Spivac said. “My training camp was long, hard but the outcome was nice. I think I’ll come back and I want to see the top 10 now. I need a tough opponent. I need to start because my road was bumpy, three losses in the UFC but now I think I’m back and I want to win.”

It didn’t take long for Spivac to turn to his grappling game as he put Sakai down early with a pair of takedowns as he looked to exert his dominance with a suffocating top game. Spivac was methodical with his ground and pound attack as he peppered away at Sakai with hard, heavy punches while never giving Sakai the chance to escape.

Even when Sakai managed to get back to his feet momentarily, Spivac was quick to drag him back to the canvas where he continued landing punches while also looking for submissions.

Despite a lopsided round, Sakai survived to the second but things didn’t get much better for him there after Spivac slammed home a series of jabs that busted up his nose. Spivac then went back to his grappling as he continued tossing Sakai around the cage where he continued to land a barrage of punches and elbows on the ground.

Spivac was like a dog with a bone as he refused to let Sakai go while he just hammered away with strikes that left the Brazilian stuck with nowhere to go. After it was clear that Sakai wasn’t going to do anything but eat more punches on the ground, the referee rescued him from further harm as Spivac celebrated his second straight win and second consecutive finish in a row.

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