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Logan Paul targeting December return to boxing: ‘We’re getting back in the ring’

Logan Paul is returning to boxing
Logan Paul is returning to boxing
Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Logan Paul is returning to the squared circle.

This past weekend, Paul took part in WWE SummerSlam, earning fanfare and appreciation for his efforts despite being a novice to professional wrestling. While many might take that as a sign to focus on his burgeoning professional wrestling career, Paul is already working on a return to boxing later this year

“That’s why I was late, I was sparring – I’m a boxer again,” Paul told The Pat McAfee Show. “We’re getting back in the ring. We’re going to go from professional sport to professional sport. I want to get a fight in December.”

In February, Paul said he was targeting a return to boxing before the end year, but after signing with the WWE in June, many believed he would leave boxing behind. Not Paul, though, as he hinted that he already is working on an opponent for his next bout.

“I have some people in mind, but I can’t say,” he said. “You know you only get one first impression. That’s part of my ability to make moments. I like making first impressions big, so I want to wait until we’re ready.”

Paul’s pugilistic career has been up-and-down thus far. While he has yet to actually win inside the ring, Paul’s three boxing matches have drawn enormous interest, with two selling over 1 million pay-per-view buys. Most recently, Paul survived eight rounds with Floyd Mayweather Jr in an exhibition match in 2021.

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