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Video: Raymond Daniels misses kick, nearly knocks himself out on Karate Combat pit

Karate Combat, Raymond Daniels IG

The Karate Combat pit nearly added a heck of a name to its hit-list.

Former kickboxing champion Raymond Daniels has been always one of the most entertaining figures in combat sports. Want proof? Look no further than his iconic 2019 knockout of Wilker Barros in Bellator. So it should come as no surprise that at age 42, Daniels is still out here making highlights — it’s just that the highlight he made this past Saturday at Karate Combat 35 probably wasn’t the kind he anticipated.

Daniels posted the clip Monday on his Instagram. Check it out below to see “The Real Deal” miss a kick, then nearly knock himself out by bashing his head directly into the Karate Combat canvas.

“To be honest, the Karate Combat pit hit me harder than any fighter has my entire career,” Daniels joked.

Daniels ultimately defeated his opponent Franklin Mina via unanimous decision, hence why he’s been able to laugh off the incident.

His resilience even drew plaudits from other fighters renowned for their flashy kicks.

“Bro how did you not break your neck man,” Stephen Thompson wrote in the Instagram comments. “Dang, you shrugged it off like nothing though.”

“That’s called commitment to finish that spinning kick,” added Cung Le. “Great job!!!”

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