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UFC 278 results: Marcin Tybura hands Alexandr Romanov his first loss in sloppy majority decision

UFC 278: Tybura v Romanov Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

It wasn’t pretty but Marcin Tybura survived an early scare and came back to hand Alexandr Romanov the first loss of his career at UFC 278.

The heavyweights duking it out at altitude had them tired but Tybura’s ability to weather the storm and then come back to dish out a barrage of strikes in the second and third rounds allowed him to secure the victory. The judges scored the fight 29-28 and 29-28 for Tybura with the third official giving the score at 28-28, which led to the majority decision.

It took less than 30 seconds for Romanov to close the distance, grab onto the body lock and then toss Tybura to the ground as he looks to employ his grappling advantage. Romanov was methodical on the canvas as he hammered away with punches while looking to advance his position.

When Tybura managed to work his way back to the feet, Romanov picked him up and brought him crashing back down again as he showcased his superior strength. Romanov was relentless with his offense as Tybura was absolutely stuck underneath him trying to survive.

The restart in the second round gave Tybura a chance to escape Romanov’s clutches as the heavyweights started swinging heavy leather at each other as the altitude in Utah started to wear on both men. Tybura appeared to be the fresher of the two fighters, which allowed him to start working over a quickly tiring Romanov.

Even when the fight hit the floor, Tybura maintained his power and control until Romanov was finally able to escape just before the horn sounded.

With the heavyweights fighting for oxygen as much as they were battling each other, Tybura was the more active fighter as he and Romanov continued slugging it out until the third round came to a close. The difference was really whether the judges gave Romanov a 10-8 opening round and ultimately only one official scored the fight that way, which led to Tybura’s win.

The Polish fighter is now 6-1 in his past seven fights while Romanov suffers the first defeat of his professional career.

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